Wednesday, February 16, 2005
I hate ironing!

The problem with doing so much shopping is the ironing I have to do now that I have unpacked! I have now run out of coat hangers and have to stop ironing till I can go out and buy more (well, that is my excuse anyway).

I arrived in Sydney on Saturday morning. As luck would have it, the conveyor belts were not working at the baggage collection area. Poor Chris waited for me for nearly 2 hours! I managed to get an hour or so of sleep before I had to make my way to his brotehr's wedding. I nearly overslept. Silly me! I had set the alarm clock on my mobile phone to go off, but I had forgotten to change the time on the phone back to Sydney time. Silly me! The alarm clock would have gone off 3 hours too late! Thank goodness Chris rang to check on me!

The wedding was held here:

It was a lovely day for a wedding. The sun was out and it did not rain till towards the end of teh reception.

I am so glad I took Monday off. I needed it to recover from the lack of sleep. Chris and I ended up going down to the rocks for the day. We had lunch at lowenbrau Keller. Pork and beer, who could ask for anything more?! Oh! And a word of advice - if you ever eat there, don't ask for warm water! I was charged $5.40 for 2 tiny pots of warm water!! Ouch. Ok, I could ask for more - cheaper water!

We walked along the quay and admired the sights...

On the knitting front, I have not done much. I worked a little on the Laurel Hill jumper today but did not make much progress. I am so tempted to start another project. A shawl perhaps.

I was told that Lincraft is having a huge sale. Oh no! I dare not set foot in the shop as I know that I am weak and I have promised myself that I will not buy any more yarn till my birthday. No, promises are not meant to be broken. I will NOT buy any more yarn. However, if you are n the area, check it out. There may be something there for you!
Hi Celia,

Glad you had a good trip. Those are really nice pictures. Lincraft have a online site...:) I saw the katia yarns they have on sale. Looks fun. Too bad there's no such thing over here at my end. Rest well yea.
Hi Celia,
Quick, rush into Lincraft before they go down the gurgler (they have brought in Administrators). The Katia Mississipi is great and only $1.80 a ball - it might not be there next month !! Always happy to enable.
How's the red mohair going ? Post us a photo. Cheers,
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