Thursday, April 28, 2005
Back on EBay

Selling, not buying!
I am still not allowing myself to buy till June.

Thank you to everyone who offered to ship some Knitpicks yarn to me. I worked out today that if I do buy aything from them, I'll end up spending between US$50 and US$80! Ouch! Just as well that I have to wait I think.

I love the alpaca cloud in the lighter blue, pink and grey. Absolutely gorgeous. And that Shimmer stuff, yum!

Anyway, back to selling on EBay. Well, I have decided to get rid of some of the boucle yarns that I bought, with good intentions of making chemo caps. It just didn't work out as Inever got around to making those hats! The yarn seems nice and soft enough, but I got distracted. Also selling off someof my own hand-dyed stuff. I need to make room for more yarn in June!

Winter is setting in. I am thinking of gettng more yarn to dye, if this lot sells well. You can see what I am selling by clicking on the link on the top of my right side-bar.
Grr! See now I'm going to want to buy your yarn! Grumble grumble grumble.
Why did you have to go and have such lovely wool?
*goes back to drooling over wool*
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