Saturday, April 30, 2005
Reproducing like ..uhm.. bunnies?

There are now two bunnies. Here's a picture of them getting acquainted...
Image hosted by
and sitting happily side by side...
Image hosted by
I changed the pattern slighty by changing the tal On the original bunny, the tail is made by attaching some stuffing to the rear end of th bunny. The first bunny I made had a pompom for a tail. I changed the tail again for the second one. I knitted a 'circle' or a good approximation of one by doing the following:

Cast on 6st
1. Knit
2. k1, inc1, k4, inc1, k1
3. Knit
4. k1, inc1, k6, inc1, k1
5. Knit
6. k1, inc1, k8, inc1, k1
7. Knit
8. k2tog, k8, k2tog
9. Knit
10. k2tog, k6, k2tog
11. knit
12. k2tog, k4, k2tog
13. Knit
Bind off

After that I threaded the end of the yarn around the circle and tightened it slightly. I stuffed the tail before tightening it further. I then attached it to the bunny.

I met my classmates at the university today to discuss our group project. It seems to be going rather well. We run a 'company' in a simulated world. We have 'products' and 'brands' to manage and currently our products are doing well. I hope this upward trend will continue.

After the meeting I met Chris at a discount bookstore near the university. Look at what I bought:
Image hosted by
It only cost me $17, and I have found a couple of patterns I want to make, including a cabled jumper. I also managed to get a copy of 1000 sweaters to knit for Anne-Marre that she had asked me to buy for her.

Oh, and did I mention that I have found my fern lace diamonds scarf that I was test knitting? It was plying peek-a-boo with me from behind my couch. Don't ask how it got there - I don't know.
Image hosted by
I think I am nearly done. I will knit to the end of this ball of wool and see whether it is long enough. If so, I will probably not bother starting on another ball of wool.
I like those bunny's a lot!! Makes me want to make them too.
Cut bunnies! Will they be having mini bunnies? I'm glad you didn't post anything about food! And good for you that you like your group for school sucks if you don't get along.
The bunnies are so cute. Drat! I didn't look at the title of your posting and I was going to make a joke about them being at it like bunnies, then I noticed what you called this entry. :( Drat. Oh well.
Scarf is looking good. How are the socks going?
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