Saturday, May 14, 2005
And a Tiger is born

When I saw this knitted kitty, I immediately thought that I must make one for Chris, in black and orange stripes. He was born in the year of the tiger, you see, so a knitted tiger would have been an appropriate gift. (Just put aside for a minute the fact that he is male and older than 5 yrs old)

Today, Tiger as born, uhm, completed. It was a quick knit - only took me a couple of hours.

Image hosted by

Aw.. isn't he cute...

Image hosted by

Now I have to knit another for Brenda at church and see whether she thinks it's suitable for the kids at the hospital.

I made some progres on the front of my casual cabled sweater. I m up to the 90th row and there are about 150 or so rows for the front. I'm getting there, slowly and steadily. I growing quite fond of the moving cables. At least it is not too boring. Well, check back with me in a month or so, and I'll tell you wehther I find it boring then!
That's SO cute! Thanks for the link to the pattern.
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