Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Just a short one

To introduce you to the latest cat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This one is going to Chris' brother and sister-in-law. Joel saw Chris' tiger and wanted one to match the cat they are planning to buy. The request was for it to have a "cafe-au-lait" body, head and tail with brown on the belly and a brown tip on the tail. Well, I tried my best. I think I am fairly colour challenged in that I know what red, blue, yellow, green and other basic colors are, and all other colours are just variations of these. Fancy colour names are quite beyond me, so I hope this cat qualifies as being close enough to 'cafe-au-lait'. Uhm, looks more like a latte to me. Oh well. The underside and tail are actually brown, though it looks black in the picture.

I modified the pattern a bit so that the cat has a stocking stitch body, reverse stocking stitch head and garter stitch tail. I think it turned out ok.

My next cat will probably be bright pink - so that I can use up some of that bright pink feather wool that I have (what was I thinking when I said 'yes' when I was offered it?!)

Way past bed time. Good night!
This cat is the cutest cat I have ever seen. Look forward to seeing the pink cat in feathers no less!
Very cute cat!
that is soooooooo cute! i think the pink would even be cuter!
Your wee knitted animals are so cute!

I saw your postings on Knit Nut Natters and had some replies for you.

Swing Needles?--Swing needles have a removable/sliding ball on them. You can use them like DPNs or as regular knitting needles. Having the ball on there keeps the yarn from sliding off when you are using them as regular needles. http://www.fleeceartist.com/needles.html

Knit Picks--Wow! All these oversea-ers want to order from Knit Picks! Perhaps you should find someone in the US to act as a go-between. Kind of like a Co-Op. You all place your orders with this person and they then place one big order. When it comes to them they re-pack and ship it to you. You all just pay the price for the yarn and then the price for the over-seas shipping. Hmmm... This could work.
You have made the cutest cats ever.
cute! looks like cafe-au-lait to me.
(christina from kr)
oh that's a cute kitty! I think the colors you chose are perrrfect! =0)
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