Monday, May 30, 2005
Yay! Blogger is back

I was seriously considering moving to Typepad or something similar when I could not get my posts published. Much happier now that Blogger is working for me again. I still don't know what went wrong, but at least it is all good now.

I have been writing out some of my recipes and Chris will put them up on Celia's Basket soon. I'll post here when they are up. I will also be adding two new hat patterns to Celia's Basket.

On the knitting front, I don't have much to report. I was home with a bad cold and earache today but ended up working for half the day and didn't get as much knitting done as I had hoped. I am up to the 107th row of my sweater back now. the armhole shaping is all done and I'm on the home stretch now. Really, really pleased with the progress. It does look like I will have a new sweater to wear this winter.

Yesterday Yenni asked whether I would make her husband (Chris' brother) a large knitted cat. Well, she first asked whether I could show her how, which I was more than happy to do, but then she asked whether I would do it since "It's easy". Uhm, no, it isn't, not when it's about a foot in length. That would be a heck of a lot of stocking stitch, and I have some test knitting to do for Jen! (Not to mention all my UFOs - just look at my side bar!) Chris is now thinking of making it for his brother. Yay for you, Chris, more power to you! I will help, of course. I will even re-write the pattern, but all that stocking stich just scares me.

Branching Out in Shimmer has not progressed. I am knitting it on US size 6 Boye needles. I thought they would be good because they are nice and short. Unfortunately they are too slippery so I am thinking of changing to my 4mm bamboo needles as they are less slippery and would be about the right size. We'll see.. right now I am focused on finishing my cabled sweater.

Interweave Knits' Preview is up. I thought the kids' hats were cute, but nothing special. IK is one of the few mags that consistently has patterns I like. I am thrilled to bits that once again they have sock patterns. Yay! I quite like the cabled shrug because it is so oversized it looks cozy, not like those itty bitty shrugs that are so popular now. The Union Square Market sweater looks good too. It looks like it is knit in fine gauged yarn though - 181m/50g sounds liek it's probably 4ply (fingering) weight?! There is no way I am going to be able to complete a sweater sized for me in 4ply yarn! I thought the textured coat was interesting in an "I won't be caught dead in it" kind of way. The horizontal lines really don't do any favours for anyone. Essential Indulgence looks like something I can knit in some 5ply Bendigo wool. I also like the fur trimmed wrap - minus the fur. I don't do fur, not now, not ever. I know it's not real fur, btu I just think it is silly. I will probably trim it with a different coloured yarn if I make it, but it will NOT be furry.
Good to know it works for you.
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