Sunday, June 05, 2005
Progress on the Casual Cabled Sweater project

I completed the collar today. The shoulder seams were sewn up and I attached the collar to the neckline before popping it on. It looks like it will be about the right size. Thank goodness. That would have been a lot of knitting gone down the drain if it did not fit.

I hand-wound more yarn so that I could start on the sleeves. I thought i'd share a picture of the massive balls of yarn I am working with. The little blue thing in the picture is a 9g glue stick - for size reference. The balls are HUGE!

Image hosted by

After all that winding, I realise that I probably don't need two balls for teh sleeves. I did sme maths and I do think that 1 ball will be enough for both sleeves, since it only took me about 3 balls for the front and back and collar with a little left over. So I am now knitting both sleeves together from the inside and outside of one ball.

I also tried sewing another cat. I have lots of that white polar fleece stuff to make cats and bunnies with. so ere is my second sewn cat:

Image hosted by

I like its big tail. I think it gives the cat character. Chris thinks it looks rude. Oh well, kids don't think that way - I hope!

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