Sunday, July 03, 2005
Scarf Exchange Update 3

This is the latest update.

Knit Only group
Jo Matthews (no blog)
Dana (no blog)
Nargaret (is that right?? or is it Margaret?) (no blog)

Surprise group
Debi (no blog)

The group is growing, as you can see. Come and sign up. The more, the merrier! Also, if anyone is interested in designing a button, that would be great!

I have been working on the Cotton Lace T. Still not done with the left shoulder yet. I'll get there. I have not worked on anything else.

Chris and I went to watch Batman Begins at the cinema today. It was great. Probably not for kids as it can be a it scary - it's quite dark. I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would.

I spun a little today. Remember the silk caps I mentioned before? I got to work on them today and spun a really fine thread which I intend to use to ply with Optim that I dyed yesterday. the Optim's really weird as it does nto seem to like dye as much as normal merino tops do. It took a few rounds in the microwave before the dye was all soaked up.

Ever since Jenny taught me about balanced yarns I am been obsessed about getting my yarns balanced. The latest in my attempts was about 200 odd grammes of white merino top and it was almost balanced. So close, and yet not quite.
Hi Celia;

I signed up for your scarf exchange on Knitter's Review, but I thought I'd mention it here too. :)
Hi Celia,

I'd love to sign up as well, but I'm not sure where!
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