Wednesday, July 13, 2005
All spun out

I don't know whether I mentioned it before, but I dyed up some Optim last week but didn't get round to spinning it. I finally did, and here's the results.
Image hosted by

I kinda like the picture with a black background, so I thought I'd share that too:
Image hosted by

It's not perfectly balanced but it's close enuogh. The skein had a half turn when it is hung - well, at least it wasn't a whole turn like it often is.

I also painted some plain white merino in pastels. This is what it looks like uspun:
Image hosted by

This is what it looks like spun and plied:
Image hosted by

And here it is again in a close up shot:
Image hosted by

Can you tell I am very proud of my recent spinning attempts? This skein is so close to being balanced I am almost tempted to say that it is. There is less than a quarter turn on it when I hang it. The yarn is beautifully soft and I don't know what to make with it. A scarf perhaps? I have about 75 m spun. I have enough handpainted top to spin up another 75m or so. That will make a good sized scarf won't it? Oh, and it's about worsted weight (110ply or so, to all you Aussie readers).

While I had the dyes out, I also painted some Corriedale 5ply yarn. It feels like a thin 5ply - so mabe it is closer to 4ply. I think it will make great socks. I painted a 100g skein of Corriedale together with about 50g of some other 5ply I had lying around. I plan to use the 50g to design a pair of socks. If I have enough, I will use it for the "mum and bub' socks I have been planning. I always have leftover yarn from makng socks. That got me thinking - what should I do with the leftovers? I actually think that there's enough in 100g to make a pair of socks for me plus a pair of baby socks, not that I have a baby, nor am I planning to have one in the near future - so quit looking at me strangely! It was just a thought. Anyway, I digress. Here's a piccie of the hand painted Corriedale.
Image hosted by

I have been plugging away at the cotton lace tee. It's not that it's difficult, or not fun. It's just that it is slow because I have nearly 300 stitches on the needles and each row takes a while. I am approaching the mid-point. From there onwards, I will be closer to completing than I am to the beginning. Things are looking up!

I am really looking forward to the next issue of Souther Cross Knitting. I have submitted 3 designs. I can't wait to see what else is in this issue. There is so little in the way of local knitting material that I feel giddily excited about Southern Cross Knitting, the only Aussie knitting e-zine that I know of. I find Creative Knitting to be so hopelessly dull that it will take a lot of persuasion (or even more desperation!) to convince me to support it. However, I think Southern Cross Knitting has potential. Keep an eye out for it!
Wow! Your yarns are beautiful! Very nice work and you should feel proud. Thanks for sharing.
Your spinning really is something to be proud of, Celia. I just can't ge the hang of it.
The colors are great! I really love the blend. Very very nice spinning there. Hope to try my hands on it next time.
i dont think i got the email...could you send agin please:-)
Lovely yarn - I especially like the pastel. I'm a new spinner and I aspire to spin great yarn like that one day.
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