Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Trivia Fun

I am trying out something new tonight. I am separating my post into sections in an attempt to make this easier to read, and if you are not interested in a particular section, you can just skip it. I'd love to know if this works. Leave me some comments, please.

Before tonight, the last time I participated in a trivia night was, oh, about 10 years ago? Maybe a little less, but not by much. The social club at work organised a Trivia night. It was lots of fun, but it did say a few things about me
1. I don't watch enough teevee
2. I don't follow sports
3. I am not much good at the music questions either
4. I have no idea what movies Robert Redford starred in (apart from Indecent Proposal, and even that, I wasn't sure)
Hmm, at this point, one must stop and wonder - so what AM I good at?
Uh, if it's worth anything, I knew the answers to the few SCIENCE questions that were asked. Oh dear... I think that speaks volumes about my geekiness. Let's just leave that there...

On a brighter note, I received my first AKSP package today. I feel so spoilt! I received (all individually wrapped too!) 2 skeins of "Knitpicks Shimmer in 'stained glass', a knitting journal (how did you know I wanted one?), some "handknit by Celia Ng" labels (YAY!), some stitchmarkers and (best of all!) a booklet of post-it notes that was like a hardcover booklet with apen attached. It is fantastic - great for uni! Thank you, AKSP! I am so pleased!

Uni results came out today, and I forgot to check - till just now. I passed. No, wait better than that, I got a distinction! (Yay! Yay! Yay!) Wait a moment while I celebrate...

Ok, I am back. It's very exciting fo me as I was never much of a student in my undergrad days. My friends will tell you that. I'd scrape through by the skin of my teeth. I used to sleep in class. I probably still would, if I could, but being in a class of 20 or so students makes that kinda hard to do without the lecturer noticing. I did knit through one of my subjects last year. I haven't repeated that, though. I doubt any of my other lecturers would be quite so tolerant. It also helped that I found Accounting easy and didn't really need to listen. I'm not likely to have another subject like that any time soon. I am enrolled in two subjects next term - 'International Marketing Management' and 'Advertising and Promotions Overseas'. I am really looking forward it. Another step closer to getting that piece of paper that says I suffered through a second degree. (Also hints at my insanity, I think)

Everyone who is on the Scarf Exchange, please let us know if you have not received your scarf recipients. You can email us at se-admin AT hotmail DOT com. Cynthia is helping me sort this out. Please, please, please, label your emails with "Knit only" or "Surprise" so that Cynthia and I know which emails we should be reading. Siouxsie, please check your email. Gracie, I am SO So sorry that I stuffed up and placed you in the wrong group, and thank you for being so gracious about it.
These are the groups
Knit Only group
Jo Matthews (no blog)
Dana (no blog)
Margaret (no blog)
Julie (no blog)

Surprise group
Debi (no blog)
Christina (no blog)

I know some people are blogging about the progress they are making so go visit some of these blogs if you are interested in what others are making. I am making a scarf with some handspun handdyed Optim that was plied with silk. Right now I am using the pattern for "my so-called scarf" but I am not so sure it is working out. I don't know whether this yarn is the right one for it, or should I say that I don't know whether this pattern is right for the yarn. I am fairly determined to use the yarn as I think the recipient will like it.

Progress! I am up to the neck shaping on the right side. I will be done soon! Really! Once I am done, I'll take pictures of it. Right now the stitches are all bunched up and it doesn't look like much.

I have worked out with Brenda that she can make use of most things that I'd make for her, so I am now making pre-mie/baby hats, cardigans, socks, booties, mittens, toys, etc. I have a plastic hat that i hang on my living room door. When it gets full, I take it to church for Brenda to pick up. pretty good system, for me anyway, as it gives me satisfaction to see the bag fill up. Right now it has 2 baby hats, 3 pre-mie hats, a pair of baby socks, a baby cardigan and a toy cat. We're getting there.. slowly.

I am wanting to knit the Vest Everest from the latest IK. Anyone interested in knitting it together with me? The plan is to start it in August. I plan on using some of the organic wool that Maisie sent me last year. I haven't knitted any of it and do't know whether it is soft but it doesn't matter as it's a vest and will be worn over a shirt.
I don't see why that wouldn't work. Does it make it more work for you though to separate everything out and? Or is it just a matter of sticking a title on a new paragraph?
Well done on the Distinction! From someone who's nearly at the end of her science degree and thinks that at this point anything above 50% will do!
Congratulations on your uni result!
Last time I went to a trivia night, everyone kept running to the toilet and whipping out their mobile phones. It was like Who wants to be a Millionaire? - using lifelines!
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