Saturday, July 23, 2005
Dead Pooter

My computer keeled over tonight. Chris has revived it (sort of), and I haven't lost any data - Thank God! However, it's like a machine on life support. On Monday, this baby is going straight in to see the tech support guys at work. I hope there's no major surgery needed as it would be terrible if I had to work on a temporary machine. That would just suck big time! Thank you Chris.

I have completed a little over an inch of the shoulder. A few more inches and then it's just the sleeve left. I got all excited, and 'cheated'. I seamed the sides and did the single crochet detail on the neckline - so I could try it on. It's coming along well. I hope it will be wide enough. I think it will, fingers crossed. I don't like it when my tops are too wide, so I went off and measured some of my favourite tops and realised that
1. I like them long-ish
2. I like it when they have 0 or negative ease. The largest top I have(apart from the super baggy cabled sweater) has abut 1 inch of ease.

None, that's right, haven't done any. I have just beenworking on the cotton tee and some spinning.

The fawn alpaca is all spun now. It was almost balanced - just about a quarter twist on it. I gave it a nice long bath and then hung it out to dry. My, was it dirty, or was it dirty. I had to rinse it a few times before the water ran clear (well, almost clear. I gave up). It's hanging out to dry now.

I also washed about 200g of cream alpaca fleece from an animal name Chantilly, which is now drying in front of the tv. Why there? Because my flat is so small, there is nowhere else it can sit and dry. I was careful not to agitate it too much and I kept the water temperature constant. This time it did not get felted at all. It's fluffing up nicely as it dries. I may not card this before spinning. We'll see. There is a fair bit of dirt on it, but it may just look extra dirty because it's such a light colour and any dirt is immediately noticeable.
No package yet? I'm waiting for my camera to charge so I can take pics of the wonderful package I got on Thursday. (that would include the time it takes me to find the stupid charger too).

Hope you feel better...did the pho help?
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