Sunday, July 24, 2005
Quick Update

Scarf Exchange
I know some of you have posted in your blogs about the scarf exchange. I have not had time to go thorugh all the blogs, but if you want me to post here about your blog and your update about the scarf you are knitting, email me! (Use the link at the top of my blog) Tonight, I have two updates to show you - not my scarf, but that of Colette and Ina.

Cotton Lace Tee
Getting there.. I have about another 2 inches of the shoulder to do and then it's just the sleeve and the crochet edging, and then I get to wear it.
It's a fab pattern. It's easy, and it's pretty, and there is enough lace in it for it to be interesting (heck, who am I kidding? It's lace all over!) and simple enough to not be a mental strain. I am really excited as I am nearing the end. I get to wear it soon. What's the bet I have it done by next weekend?

Dead Pooter
In case you are wondering, my computer is still not fixed. tomorrow, I hope...

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