Wednesday, August 10, 2005
What?! No car?


I will be sans car for the next week and a half. That's right! Some lady knocked into the back of my car last week. I thought that since her insurance was going to pay for the repairs I may as well get it fixed. I thought it was just a small dent on the bumper. I made the appointment with the insurance assessors, took it in today and guess what? There are three (yes, 1, 2, THREE) parts that need to be fixed/replaced. Guess there was more than what I could see. In any case, that leaves me without a car for the next week.

It feels weird to not have car. How does anyone in Sydney cope without a car? It' only been a day and I miss her already!

Sweet sweet voices

Chris and I have tickets for the Soweto Gospel Choir performance this weekend. I am really looking forward to it.

We went to watch the Harlem Gospel Choir last year and we really enjoyed that. I think this will be much along the same vein.

Veste Everest

I am a couple of inches away from completing the back. Yay! It's really coming together well. Pictures soon.

More destashing

I added more yarn to my destashing site. This is a slow and gradual process. I'll probably be putting more up before the end of the week. I missed a couple of comments, so if you have left a comment indicating your interest and I have not replied, please email me. I will do my best to check the comments.

Eva, I tried to email you but I don't know whether you received my email. The yarn is still available. I have marked them as "Pending Sale" while waiting for your reply. So, email me, please, and let me know whether you still want it. Thanks!
Sorry to hear about the car! I know it's hard to get around an urban area without one, but at least her insurance is going to cover it.
sorry about your car! at least it's fixable. you wren't hurt were you? :) make them give you a rental car! wait...that's how it works in the US. i'm not sure how it works where you are. ;)
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