Friday, August 12, 2005
Some pictures at last

Scarf Exchange

Julie has cast on for hers.

I have completed mine. It was knitted in handspun and hand-dyed Optim. The ruffle was an idea I got from Sally. The main body of the scarf is knitted in a Farrow Rib pattern, not that you can tell from the picture.

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'Nother Scarf
I started another scarf as well, using some of my own handspun/hand-dyed yarn. It's striping beautifully, and it wasn't even intentional!
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It's a nice soft yarn that feels baby soft against my skin. It's also a joy to knit as there is lots of springiness in the yarn. They are not colours I will ever wear - don't ask why I chose to dye in those colours - so I guess they'll be finding a home elsewhere.

Veste Everest

Back is done...
Image hosted by

Front has been started but there it doesn't look much different from the back so I'll take another photo when I have made a little more progress.


I haven't done much of it. I tried spinning some washed alpaca fleece without carding it. It's coming out ok I think, ut I think it will work better if I had not first washed it. I am going to try another lot that has not been washed. Stay tuned for a comparison report.
Those striping colors look beautiful!
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