Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Thank you AKSP!

AKSP gift

Thank you dear AKSP. I was in a foul mood in the office today (one meeting too many, I think) when I received a package from the mail room. It was from my AKSP. I love my goodies! I received the current issue of Vogue Knitting. Yay! This means I won't have to go trekking through all the city newsagencies looking for a copy. There are some lovely shawls in there I am interested in making. Thank you thank you thank you! I aso received a spool of soy silk. I have not unwrapped it yet but it looks quite lustrous. I now know why it is called soy SILK. In addition to that I received a cute tape measure (one can never have too many tape measures) and a yarn and needles keychain. Pictures soon. I just realised I didn't take pictures of my first AKSP. I'll try to take a picture when I take a photo of this one.

Scarf Exchange Catch Up Report

Rebecca has started her scarf and knitted 8 inches. Photos aren't up yet, but if you visit in a couple of days maybe by then there will be some pictures.

Amy has completed her scarf but there are no pictures on her blog (yet?).

Siouxsie has had some nightmarish issues with the original scarf and it has been restarted. No pictures yet either.

Did I mention that Amanda has made some progress on her scarf?

Colette's scarf is really pretty. Go take a look at the pictures on her blog.

Cynthia's Beads of the Earth scarf is looking good. I spoke to her today (as much as one can 'speak' using MSN Messenger) and she says she's made more progress on it.

Jennifer has also completed her scarf.

Congrats to all those of you who have completed your scarves. Please hold off sending it till after the first week of September so that everyone will get their scarves at around the same time. Scarves should be sent between then and the end of September, so if you haven't started on your scarf, now may be a good time to start casting on.
Hi Celia

I have started mine and am halfway there, it's a skinny clapotis, but I haven't blogged about it yet. Will let you know when I do!

Hi Celia, I am well on the way with mine, which is my own design, but have spent all day blogging and emailing people rather than actually creating a scarf! Will try to post some progress pics on my blog over the weekend.
Aiya! I thought we were sending out scarves AT the end of September, but on re-reading the original instructions, I see it's BY the end of September. Oh those prepositions - so small, so dangerous!

While I've made some progress on my pal's scarf, mid-August to mid-September is a crazy-busy time for me. So I hope mailing around September 19 is OK.
Hi Celia - I am mailing mine out this weekend as I will be out of town for while. You can see an umblocked picture on my blog
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