Saturday, August 20, 2005
Suzie is home!

Suzie Came Home With Me

I borrowed Chris' car and went to spinning/dyeing class on Thursday. It was great fun. We had a handpainting class and I had the chance to try out a few different commercial dyes. I really should show some piccies, huh.. Anyway, I tried out my Suzie and I paid for her and she's home now. She is a really lovely wheel! I have been spinning on her, and then I realised that I didn't know how to change the bobbin. OOOPS! I felt very silly for not having asked Jenny. Oh well. I ended up sending an email to both Sue (who owns a Suzie) and Jenny. they both replied, and it turns out that I have to twist the flyer off by holding the whorl. Right! Thank goodness I didn't try to yank the flyer off. I tried, but thank goodness I didn't try too hard.
awwwww, you've got a new wheel!.....yipee!*happy dance*
Yay! Congrats on your new wheel! Will we see some pictures later? :)
Hi Celia,
I was afraid you might think I was a slacker in the scarf exchange! I just posted a blog update and I posted a progress photo of the scarf I'm knitting. I'll be working on it this weekend and should be in good shape to finish in time!
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