Monday, December 04, 2006
Seeing Red

It's balanced! It's balanced! I am so proud of it as I thought I had overtwisted it when plying, but it's all turned out well.

That's the red stuff I was spinning up for Hui Leng. It's turned out quite well, despite how I feel about its redness. It's really red, and as I told Hui Leng, "It's a little too "Chinese New Year"-ish for me". If you've ever been with a Chines family durign Chiense new Year, you'll know what I mean. Chinese like red. Most Chiense seem to like that bright orange-y red that I hate. I like cooler reds, and this yarn, well, just a little too "fire-engine red" for me.

Hui Leng, I hope your daughter likes red as much as you say, cos this is REALLY red!

I also started a pair of socks for me. I used one of my own hand-dyed yarns, in the "hyacinth" colourway.

It was quick to knit. By Saturday night I had completed one side and on Sunday morning, I started the other side.

I got bored with the plain st st and decided to try a patterned stitch instead. SO the second sock is slightly different, but I am guessing that my feet won't complain.

There are two rows columns of lace which will run down the front of the sock along the midline. It's a simple pattern, btu enough to keep me from getting too bored.

I knitted while at my in-laws' yesterday and I'm much further along in the sock than the picture shows. I hope to have it done by this weekend so I can use the leftovers for some baby socks or mittens. I love this colourway.. so fresh and floral!

Oh.. and just thought I'd mention it - I have new yarns up in the Etsy store - Hyacinth is one of the new ones. I also have some alpaca, sport weight and worsted weight yarns.
totally chinese new year. you could include a 'hung bao' and just make it a complete Chinese New Year package.

love the socks. they match my clapotis (kinda).
I like the socks! What type of lace pattern are you doing?
That hanging skein reminds me of red fire crackers!
Looks fantastic plied!
Can't wait!
the lae pattern looks really nice on those socks.
What pattern are you using for your socks. I like the little pattern and want to try. Is it a free pattern or from a book? Do tell!
Beautiful red yarn.

Love the lacey sock, it looks very spring-like.
I love your red yarn! Gorgeous.

Your socks are great, too. Pretty little lace panels.
Sock looks great, Celia!
ooo I like that red yarn a lot!
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