Saturday, November 11, 2006
Knitting with embroidery floss

At least that is what this stuff feels like. It's Pakucho cotton, and while it is soft and has a really nice hand, it's also really splitty. It's like knitting with embroidery floss!

So far I have made a hat and a pair of booties for Bubba.

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The pattern is from the 2006 Fall Knit It magazine which was given to me by Mary, my secret pal (who is nolonger 'secret', I suppose) from a couple of exchanges back. If I were to knit this again, I'd probably change the instructions and try to make it as seamless as possible. I really dislike the back seams, particularly on teh hat. The upside is that the stripes line up and I didn't get that nasty jog that you often get when knitting in the round.

I had bought 1 skein of white and 2 skeins of green and had plenty left over. I have now started a baby Bolero from teh One Skein book by Leigh Radford. It is the second time I am making it. I had already made one a few months ago, but I think a green and white one will be rather cute. The plan is to have Bubba wear this when he comes home from the hospital. Since it's all cotton, it shouldn't be too hot, although the cotton is rather thick.

I have also been spinning. I went to spinning class last Thursday and now I can't stop. On the wheel I havespun some carded merino sliver in a natural brown colour to go with some heathered brown alpaca that I am yet tospin up. I have about 100g of each. I am not sure what I will do with the resulting yarn yet. I am currently just trying to spin tuff up to move it from teh spinnign stash to the knitting stash. It's like moving deck chairson the Titanic - really doesn't do anything to the total size of my stash..

I also got some red top in two different shades of red to spin up into yarn for Hui Leng to knit into a beanie for her daughter. She wanted 'chilli red' but I couldn't find 'chilli' so I bought two shades of red which I intend to spin together and hope it will be close to the 'chilli' she wanted.

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The hat and booties are really adorable and the red is going to be gorgeous!
I have some of the Pakucho cotton so it's interesting to hear about its splitty properties. The beanie and booties are cute though. Baby's going to be beautifully dressed.
well... re-shuffling the stash can make the stash LOOK like it's changing/shrinking, right? b/c yarn is denser than roving? so... it does take up less space once it's spun? (just trying to help you rationalize.)
I have that same yarn (Pakucho), one ball each of three colors, and have been wondering what I could do with it. Thanks for the idea!

Gorgeous red roving!
I do love the booties and hat; it sucks about the splitting (it seems it is always in those projects you think you can just boogey along with too) - at least Bubba won't care. I LOVE the rovings, they are going to be spectacular!
Hi! I love the baby booties. I'm thinking of making some for my cousin's little boy. Perhaps I'll check out the pattern you mentioned.

Oh, I was wanting to ask a spinner a question about getting some wool spun. My mom has a few bags of sheepwool, and has wanted to get it made into yarn. She doesn't spin, and neither do I. Do you know how we could contact someone to spin it up for us for payment? Any direction would be much appreciated!
such cutie booties!
the red roving looks yum yum!
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Ooooh that set looks so nice!
And the red roving is gorgeous!
Love those bootees...and that red! Wow - I love it.
The hat and booties look great! So cute. I think that red is going to look super, too.
Bubba is going to have so many great clothes to wear by the time he decides to join the outside world.

Those are some great reds.
The yarn sounds yummy....but, what I'm really interested in is your progress bar! Where did you find that?
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