Sunday, October 22, 2006
My first belly shots

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My belly has finally overtaken my uhm.. other assets. The baby is now about 26 weeks old, and BIG! That's what babies do, right? They get big, and bigger.. and bigger

I think Bubs now weighs a little more than a 1kg bag of rice (or potatoes).

Lizard Ridge

All 12 blocks are now done.

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I started seaming it at my in-laws today, and completed the last bit when I got home. It's all sewn up now, and I am ready to startknitting or crocheting the edge.

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That's a large stack of blocks! To think that it was only 12 blocks - half the total number required by the pattern. I don't think I can knit 24 and then SEW up 24 blocks. 12 is quite enough, thank you very much!

The seamed up piece measures about 30 in x 37 in (unblocked).

A word of advice, folks. If you are knitting this pattern, do as it says - steam block it BEFORE sewing it up! It will make your life that much simpler. Truly.
Someone at my lys is working on the blanket so I will let her know about following the directions.

Baby bellies are so cute!
Celia, you are too funny!
Gosh are you 26 weeks already????
Won't be too long now!
Yes.. and your bewdiful baby belly will get bigger. Hope Bub still loves assam laksa!
So I don't know what you look like 'normally' but you look lovely pregnant. Even headless and pregnant :) Congratulations!
You have a lovely baby belly, Celia! And your blanket is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all finished!
What a beautiful blanket! I think it's just lovely. BTW, large tummies make great tea tables!
Love your baby belly! So cute. Mine was the kind where people didn't ask if I was pregnant just in case I was just gaining weight.

The Lizard Ridge is looking so beautiful.
Awww! Cute belly. I didn't get pics of mine back when I had my kids. :(

Your blocks look great.
Thanks for posting a belly shot! I love it! I just uploaded a new belly shot last night. Do you find that you MUST sleep like 13 hours at a time or you just can't get out of bed? Are you finding that in your 3rd trimester too? Since our babies are due two days apart, I figured maybe you'd be feeling the same thing??! You look great by the way!
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