Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Some dyeing in the house

There has been some dyeing happening here. I've put some up for sale at my Etsy store - Celia's Basket. Go take a peak. There's more to come. I have another few skeins of merino slubby yarn than I have not listed yet. The slubby yarns are beautifully soft. I am actually tempted to keep a few skeins for myself so I can turn them into scarves. Each skein would be enough for a scarf. Two will make a long scarf .

Not much knitting has been happening here, just some crochet. The baby blanket is growing - slooooooooowly. I am up to 20 inches in diameter and I am so tired of it. No, you don't understand. I mean I am REALLY tired of it - like it is going to be a permanent UFO kind of tired.. I'll push on, though. I only need to get up to about 40 inches (only??). The blanket also stinks. I suspect it is the oil on the yarn. It's in a cone, so it was probably oiled. It smells chemical-y and icky, and that's not only to my very pregnant nose. Even Chris agrees. It stinks. I do hope that the smell will wash out, but I can't wash the blanket till I am done, so I will just have to keep working on it and hope for the best.

Have you had a look at the Scarf Exchange blog lately? There are so many pretty scarves being made. Every time I see a new pretty scarf, I wonder whether that's mine. It's a secret exchange, you see.. and I don't know who is knitting my scarf.

Tonight I will go for my first pre-natal aqua class. I am not sure how much excercise it's going to be - all that bobbing up and down in a pool. I'll go anyway, just to get out of the house. I'm not expecting much, so I guess it will be hard to be disappointed. Excercise and my name should never be mentioned in the same sentence!
Pretty yarn! Sorry about the stinky yarn. I remember the pregnant nose thing. On the ISE thing, it looks like people are going to be getting some really gorgeous scarves!
Just keep thinking how much your bubba will enjoy the blanket. Reward yourself for crocheting on it for 30 minutes by allowing yourself to work on something else for a bit (or, to buy more fiber. :)
You've hit the black hole of crochet have you? Hope you manage to get through it.

So many beautiful scarves on the site.
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