Saturday, September 02, 2006
He's home!

Chris arrived this morning, and I have never before been sopleased to meet someone at the airport. It sounds like he had a great time in Paris. I almost wish I went now.. almost!

Look what he brought home

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He was under strict instructions not to go nuts with the shopping. I love the chocolates! Oh, how could Inot love chocolates, especially now that I am not allowed coffee.

The Snickers bar came from the plane. It was rather amusingto see a foreign snickers bar. It doesn't quite look the same as what we get here. Look...

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But it certainly tasted the same!

His brother and sister-in-law also sent him home with some presents. This is for Bubba...

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Don't you just love the card? I think it's really funny. The box contained some Baby Gap rompers and socks.

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I love how the "I love Mummy" romper is a smaller size than the "I love Daddy" one. I think that means that Bubba gets to love ME first.

Baby Sweater in Progress

Remember how I was contemplating a baby sweater in sock yarn? Well, I decided to give it a try.

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It is going quicker than I thought it would. I have completed the front. Here, look!

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I decided not to shape the two sides separately by cutting and re-joining the yarn. Instead, I used short rows and hope that it turns out ok. It looks ok now, but I don't knot whether it will work until Bubba is wearing it. I am now about half way up the back and hope to finish that by the end of the weekend.

My plan is to just use press studs on the shoulders to close them. That way it should make dressing Bubba easier.. I hope.
MM, chocolate. Enjoy. The sockyarn sweater is so cute. I can't wait to see it when it's all done. I love the little baby gifts, too. Adorable!
Love the gap gear! I think that press studs are a good idea for bubs! They hate having tight thigs put over their heads! :-)
I LOVE the card!
Bub's gonna look so cool! great gear!
ooooh, chocolate! it looks so yummy! I bet the sweater will be adorable. :-)
what a cute card and pressies!!! ohhh I have some sock yarn and might get cracking on jumpers for keira as it looks great!!!!
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