Monday, June 19, 2006
A first!

I received my copy of Yarn magazine last week, and I was pleased to see that two of my patterns had indeed made it into the winter issue, which is their third issue. It's only a young magazine. I know it's not quite the same as getting a pattern into Interweave knits or one of the more internationally known magazines, but I am proud nonetheless.

I feel like a proud mum already. :)

This is Tabby Paws
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I designed it quite some time ago. It's a simple cabled design knitted so that the left and right paws are mirrorimages of one another. There is a reverse stockinette palm part so that the knit side is facing inwards and is smoother to wear.

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Boudoir Bootie, was not named by me. Actually, neither was Tabby paws. They were both named by the folks at Yarn. I love this sock as it's and easy lace design. I started out by calling them "short-short socks". When my mother-in-law wants to emphasise something, she says it twice. So we're not just late, but late-late, or not just sweet but sweet-sweet, and hence the short-short socks. I like one of the alternative names suggested in the magazine, which is "cleavage sock" as it really does show off some toe cleavage!

I don't think my phot of the picture in the magazine does a good job of showing the lace pattern on the sock. It's a simple lace that looks like a net with square holes. The picture in the magazine is much better!
Congrats Celia! Even though you didn't name them, both patterns look great! Way to go!
congrats! they look great. :-)
woohoo!! you're published! =D
Congratulations, Celia. I bought the magazine at the weekend and saw them.

One question, does the lace really pull in a lot? It says to cast on 90 stitches for the sock. As I find 64 stitches sloppy, I wondered about this. I haven't used that particular cast on, so that will be something new.
Yarns winter magazine was the first issue of Yarn I've ever bought and I saw your patterns!! Congratulations!!!! ^_^
Cool! Happy you got published - keep it up. Terry in us
You're a published designer now! That's just awesome! Those socks look really cute.
Craving oranges and orange juice are you? Too funny! I ate about 4 boxes of Christmas oranges in a month! They haven't tasted the same since.

I stumbled upon your blog whilst browsing of where to stay in Canberra. We are thinking of going there for the Floriade this coming spring. I am just felt in love with Redbrow and after read your comments about this B&B, I will definitely go for ti without any hesitations.

I am currently enjoying much of my time in Sydney ( we live in Chatswood ). Where are you about ? We moved from the UK last October for my husband has to work over here for the next 4 years.

good on you for getin the 2 published keep up the good work
The next up and coming designer :D Good on you Celia!
Wow! I'm so proud of you, sweetie! Those are very cool designs!
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I am proud-proud of you and happy-happy for you!

(Sorry I've not been around online. I'll look for you this week!)
Congratulations! You should be feeling like a proud mum.
Hi gal, I haven't been checking in lately and you are dropping bombshell news?!

Congratulations! As a published designer and a mum-to-be :)

You must be so proud of your achievements, well done.
congrats! love the socks and must buy the mag and have a look plus congrats on being a mum to be!

I loved being pregnant, the chocolate, the cravings, the special attention, feeling the bubs and of course having a baby! hope you have as much fun as I did!
Oh WOW!!! I have just finished knitting those Booties!! There is a pic on my site if you are interested.
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