Thursday, June 15, 2006
I thought I'd wait..

But I can't keep a secret.

[deep breath] Okay here goes..

I'm pregnant.

Uh huh... that's right.. I'm pregnant.

I'm not meant to tell until we're past the first trimester, but it's hard to keep a secret.

We've been to our first appointment with the obstetrician. He's a lovely man.. easy-going and rather relaxed about the whole thing. I suppose he's probably seen more women and babies than I have balls of yarn so it's all old hat to him.

It's all very exciting for us, being the first pregnancy and all. The doctor managed to find the heartbeat, and we heard it. It's so amazing to hear a heartbeat coming from my belly and knowing it's not my own. Well, he said that the risk of miscarriage is significantly lower once the heartbeat can be heard so I guess that's why I thoguht it may be appropriate to share the news now.

So now perhaps you can understand why the loss of knitting mojo is so frustrating. I feel like I should be nesting now and knitting up little outfits for the bubba-to-be and it is just NOT happening! I am glad this baby will be born in summer and won't need winter warmers till it's about 5 or 6 months old. I can try to focus on socks and mittens.

This whole being pregnant thing is taking its toll on me. Poor Chris has had to deal with a tired grumpy wife for most of our marriage (and it's only been two months!). Thank God he's patient. He's learnt to stop suggesting that I go "relax and knit".. I can't! The texture of yarn makes me nauseous. How ridiculous is that?! I am a knitting mama.. I want to knit!

So far I have managed, on my good days, to make a few squares for a baby blanket and also a pair of "better than booties" baby socks. That's all I have to show for the last few weeks. Hmm.. not very good, is it?

I must confess to having had mixed feelings about this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong. I want it, and I love it to bits already. But, how can one be so hungry and so nauseous ALL the time? How can I lose my waist so rapidly when I am not eating that much? How can parts of me hurt so much? (Those of you who have been pregnant will know which bits I am referring to..) And most of all, how can I be so tired ALL the @#$%^&* time?!

Ok, I'm done whining.. I think.

Oh wait, I'm not done. I had a decent morning today and I thought I'd try knitting. Right.. why not? So I whip out some needles and a beautiful fluffy white angora that I had gotten in a swap. I thoguht I'd make some baby hats - for myself and a couple of colleagues who are also expecting babies.

I cast on about 5 stitches, and it broke.. Hmm.. Let's try again..

I cast on another 50 or so stitches, and it broke again..

Hmm what is going on here?

So I strated re-winding it to see how many breaks there are. After winding a few metres I had another break and I found what looked like a dead bug. I looked deeper in the ball and tehre was another. Eeeeuw!

Right.. my decent morning went rapidly downhill from there.

I've thrown out the other few balls of angora that I got from the same swap. I can't even remember who I had swapped with to get this yarn. Oh well. I am sure she was none the wiser too. If I recall correctly she had warned me that there were a few breaks at the top of the ball, and I had dthoguht that the yarn was just too tightly wound or something. Well, now I know. What a waste. There were a few balls of white and a couple of pink. Would have made such cute and soft hats.

No more knitting for me today. Just thinking about it makes me itch. Eeeuw!
don't worry about your knitting funk it should pass. the first trimester is horrible! your hormones are so outta wack that you're eating and puking and sleeping and still tired! once the 2nd trimester starts your morning sickness (which isn't just for the morning btw) should be done. though some people experience it for the whole pregnancy and other just at first and other in the 3rd trimester. unfortunatly the being tired stays there, but you get used to it. nesting usually starts in the 3rd trimester, but it could start sooner!
anyways congrats! enjoy it as much as you can!
wow - that was quick! congratulations! you'll get back to knitting eventually - don't sweat it!
Congratulations Celia!!! This is oh so exciting!!!
I read your previous post and the first thing I thought of was "I wonder if she's pregnant?" That's what happened to me 8 yrs ago. I had all this baby wool and patterns planned but no inspiration or motivation. Hopefully it will pass soon. I saw your Sock pattern in Yarn magazine - it looked great!
Congratulations all around - to both of you.
CONGRATS! And welcome to the world of pregnancy! When are you due?? :)
Congratulations!! How well I remember the yeeaaaghs. I wanted to do stuff, but when I started, I would just end up wandering off and starting something else. Near drove my husband off his head! It will pass. It's just nature's way of getting you ready to get interrupted every two minutes for the rest of your life! ;-)
My waistline went for a crap right away too. It was one of the few clues I had that something was going on.
The knit will happen again. Don't fret it and one day you'll find yourself content and knitting like crazy!
Enjoy the feeling of creation. You're tired because your body is busy making a miracle! The tired sucks, the miracle will creep up and steal your heart before you realize what's happening. I was ambivalent about my pregnancy most of the way through it. My daughter turned out to be my heart in human form.
ok now, THAT explains the lack of knitting mojo. totally understandable!! and yes, it will come back, don't worry. =) and of course, a big CONGRATS to you and hubby for this upcoming new addition!! so exciting!
Congratulations! I am thrilled for both of you :) I lost my knitting mojo totally at the start of my first pregnancy though it came back about halfway through and I managed a couple of things. Other people will no doubt knit things for you!! And the first 16 weeks (in my case) SUCKS majorly but it will, hopefully, improve a bit. Big hugs, Judy
Yay! Little knitter in the making! Congratulations
OMG! Congratulations! OMG this is so exciting! Does that explain your post at my blog about the bamboo leaf dumplings?
That figures why you lost your mojo! Quite a few things go skewif while being preggers. I haven't found my missing brain cells yet and my kids are almost into their teens... blame DH for that hrmph.
Don't worry - the need to knit just because will come back with a vengeance!
Wow if I ever get my fat arse to Sydney, I promise I'll teach you how to make zhang/zhong!
In the meantime, enjoy your time!
It may be the last few months of peace and quiet that you and Chris will have for MANY MANY years.
(no, no, no, there is no return policy for children)
Best Wishes from the Headless Chook
again, congrats! maybe telling everyone will help... maybe it was b/c you were keeping a secret and couldn't blog about it, so you avoided knitting b/c you were avoiding blogging? (how's that for some convoluted psychoanalysis?) another bonus of being pregnant: you can make whatever you want for the baby, and he/she will wear it with hardly a complaint.
Oh Celia, congratulations! I'm so excited for you, that's wonderful news. I always felt really great once I made it past the first trimester, I'm hoping you do to.
that is such wonderful news. And the tiredness goes away in the second trimester - and is replaced by physical symptoms of a more gross nature. However, the result is so worth it, just knit through it!
Congrats!! The sore bits & the morning/afternoon/all day sickness usually go away after the first trimester. Then you feel great and expand fearsomely!! Enjoy sleeping in while you can - it'll be gone for the next 18 years. Prepare yourself for the trashing of the rest of your life, and remember in 10 years time, when you feel 106, that you have no energy because children inherit it all! Don't knit too many tiny things - people give you lots, and babies grow fast - you may find you have enough tiny things to start a shop, and when the kid is 9 months old, there are no clothes which fit it! If in doubt, do a larger size!!
Enjoy life while you can - it will be a long time before you get it back, LOL.
Cheers from Karen in Melbourne
Congrats!! What wonderful news. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't feel like knitting while I was pregnant either. I didn't pick up the needles till my last 6 weeks of pregnancy and that only because I was on bed rest. It came back with a vengence after my daughter was born though.

Weird as it sounds, savour every moment of your pregnancy as it truly is a that makes you tired and sick, but a miracle none the less. [wink]
Congrats I am so happy for you. In regards to the nesting it will come a little later. I learned to knit when I was on bed rest with my first, she will be six in October.
congrats!! what a wondeful I can include some baby item on the package as well. I 'll be send out your package next week. enjoy the moment and take care.
Yeah!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
Well, if this news doesn't get your knitting mojo back, I'm not sure what will...knitting sweaters, booties, hats, baby blankets.... Congratulations. What a blessing!
congratulations! It's okay if you don't get your knit on right away. I know your child will still love you even if you have to store buy his/her first set of outfits! I'm sure this child has plenty of knitted outfits in its long future!
oh wow! Congratulations dearie!!! :D That's lovely news indeed!
Congratulations! When you know the gender, please let us know -- I would love to knit something for the little one :)
CONGRATULATIONS CELIA! That is such wonderful news...enjoy the ride and whine away!

You will be fine - this is so exciting for you and your hubby! Life has it's own plans and it will all work out great.

May be you will have to post one of your trackers for the baby LOL - that way we will get the visual progress!
OH CELIA! way to go. I am so happy for you. Maybe you should really give knitting a rest. After a while, it will definitely come back, because soon you will start dreaming about knitting baby blankets and stuff so much so that you will pick up the needles and yarns again. Take care of yourself:)

I missed your blog for a day and look whatI missed!

That knitting mojo will come back when you are further down the pregnancy, not to mention nesting urgency that's a sign of impending birth in January.

My sympathies on the sore bits. I itched in spots I really couldn't try to scratch standing in front of a class of teenagers. Soreness will pass too.
Best wishes to you all,
Hi Celia--just found your blog and I love it. I have had needles in my hand for the past 3 years, then WHAMMO! I'm 11 weeks pregnant and haven't picked them up for 11 weeks. Ugh. I feel the same way you do. I only have energy to sit and feel 12 kinds of awful. I'm hoping that loving feeling comes around again soon. They say around 12 weeks we can start looking to feel better. Hang in there.
congrats on the upcoming bundle of joy! how exciting!!!
congratulations on your little one! i hope you have a smooth pregnancy and enjoy every special moment. and feel free to EAT EVERYTHING you want because YOU CAN!
Congratulations Celia. Oh, and thanks so much for the (Etsy) yarn - I'll blog about it today (am soooo behind!) xox
Congratulations Celia, and a word re the soft cheese thing. The deal is that you need to avoid products made with unpastuerised milk, because of the danger of lysteria, and soft cheeses might be made with this in some parts of the world, but NEVER in Australia (foodies into cheese are horrified by this restriction). I understand that it is also impossible to import cheeses made with unpastuerised milk into the country - there was some big issue with this and someone trying to import some roquefort a while ago. So if you want your soft cheeses, you're pretty safe here, and if you want to be safer, only buy Australian. Don't take my word for this of course, double check with your ob., but after finding this out I ate soft cheese through my whole pregnancy. yum : )
I have been a bad fellow blogger. I just read your post. CONGRATULATIONS! Your baby is going to have the best handknit clothes!
I run a website, Babes in Blogland, that lists ttc, expecting, and new-parent bloggers to help us all find one another. I've added your site to the blogroll. If you need me to correct any information or if you would like for me to remove the link, please let me know.

Thank you and congratulations.
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