Monday, June 12, 2006
No Knitting Mojo

I haven't felt like knitting allweek. Not one stitch!
What's happening?

I have nothing to show, nothing to share. Nope, nothing at all.

Help me get my knitting mojo back!
I thought being newly married etc... you're supposed to *increase* your knitting mojo.
Maybe try some embroidery instead? :P
The knitting mojo has desserted me for the last couple of weeks but I'm determined to get it back too!
don't worry about your lack of knitting mojo. i actually think from all the activity/events for you lately - the things normal to you would be slightly "disrupted" and its ok to take a break until the dust settles and you can go back to your knitting. but in the meantime, you can continue your creative juices by doing something different in the meantime - other crafts (beading, other needlework, cooking, etc.) =D
Google "Knit for Charity", pick the one you would be most interested in and try that. Sometimes knitting for someone who really needs it can be a great pick me up.
It can be as simple as a square, ( ) or as complicated as a sweater (The Dulaan Project). Even something cute like Teddies for Tragedies.
Don't worry, you'll get your mojo back. I find sitting in a yarn store feeling up soft, silky yarn can help too.
man, you're totally wasting nice winter weather knitting time! i'll trade you. It's hot hot hot here, and i've got no air conditioning. I know you don't feel like knitting... maybe you just need new yarn and a new pattern to jolt you back into it.
what about spinning? have u decreased spinning time too?
Hmmm, why not pick up the latest Yarn Magazine - there is some great ideas in there, like some someone called Celia ;)Hope you are enjoying your subscription.
or maybe a funky pair of socks from Yarn magazine in a great sock yarn called Lorna's Laces in a funky colourway called Vera... I know where you can get some of that heh heh heh (nice job on the pattern btw!)
Come to knitting on Saturday. Being surrounded by wool has got to help....
it's good to take a break once in awhile, but dont take too long!! hehe ^_^
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