Saturday, June 03, 2006
One Skein update

Guess what I came home to yesterday...

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It did say "one skein", right? Wow! Thanks to my secret one skein sender.. who sent three skeins! I got alovely card with it and it appears she could not decide what to send and ended ups ending what she thought I'd like. Wow!

That's one skein of 100% silk Karabella yarn.. so soft to touch! I think that's going to be matched with something else for a scarf. One skein of Berocco Soft Twist, which matches some Berocco Glace that I have, I think. That will be a hat, I think, or perhaps a little neck scarf. Next up is a skein of gorgeous wool/mohair blend. There is definitely enough there for a hat or a baby bolero!

Thank you, my one skein sender. You shouldn't have, but you did and I love it love it love it!

You know what's even better? It arrived yesterday, the day after my birthday. I guess it's still Wednesday in the US (where she is from) so it arrived on my birthday! Woohoo! What a birthday present!

I promised you apicture of Melinda. Well, here she is.

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The wonkiness is due to camera angle and lighting. It really isn't that wonky. I'd have shown a pciture of myself wearing it, but it doesn't fit me! Thank goodness it wasn't for me!
hap hap happy birthday!! well, belated birthday ;)
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happy belated birthday celia!!!
Happy Birthday Celia!. So glad you liked the package! Now I'm workign on what to send next...... I finished the piece for August but I'm not sure yet. Happy day Again - Best wishes
Hi Celia,
Just wanted to let you know I sent Chris an e mail thanking him for the work he did on modifying indi girls progress tracker. I borrowed it for my blog and I love the way I can tell it to fill from side to side or top to bottom. Thanks again to Chris for all his hard work :-)
it would've been nice to see melinda on... what a great gift from your OS pal!
I love the sweater colours! It looks so beautiful!

You have a great one skein pal there!
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