Sunday, April 16, 2006
Easter Sunday, and not a piece of chocolate in sight!

I have been good today. In fact, this year I have been pretty good. I have hardly had any chocolate all weekend. last year, I had a bowl of Easter eggs for visitors, and of course nobody visited (or hardly anyone did) so I ate the lot. I learnt. This year I didn't buy any, and guess what, I had visitors!

I didn't have chocolate eggs, so I whipped out some extra fine Swiss chocolate, ginger nut biscuits and coffee instead. Oh well... it was 'just' Chris' family.. and I think they are used to my not having sweets and cookies in the house. I did bake a cake today, and gave them two thirds of it to take away. Lovely people that they are, they helped Chris clean his flat. Yes, yes I know, last week I said we were cleaning his flat. Well, it's not done yet. Today they had the help of his brother who is home from the UK. I stayed home and did laundry. Some four or five loads later, I think I am all laundried out. There is more to go! [sigh] I am washing everything that came from Chris' flat.Much of it was sittign in a basket on the floor (or the floor around the basket) and he picked whatever he wanted to wear from that basket. That didn't include work clothes (Thank goodness for the dry-cleaners who used to do his laundry.. they alwasy came back neatly pressed and hung up, so tehre was zero chance of them meeting said basket), but it did include almost everything else that was not work clothes. Boys!

So, chocolate eggs I had none, but at least I had a place for them to land their bottoms. The sofa arrived yesterday. Woohooo!!!!

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Please excuse the corner protectors. i keepmeaning to take them off, and keep forgetting. It sorta dominates the living room now, but that's okay.. it's big and comfy. I finally have somewhere to plant my bottom when I am knitting and/or reading. See that little 'coffee table'? It's really a side table.. we haven't got a coffee table yet, so it will have to do for now. Chris gets the 'chair' bit of the sofa, and I get the chaise bit, so we can both stretch out if we want to, and we don't end up in a mess of arms and legs, squished up on a little 2-seater sofa. Also love teh aluminium arm plates (see the shiny bits on the sofa's arms?). I gave them a test run today - left my glass of orange juice on it while I sorted laundry on the sofa. It works like a charm - perfect drinks holder!

Lenten Sockrifice

Okay, so it's now officially over. I hardly did any knitting for others. I guess there was that shrug for mum. There was also the squares for Grace (if you haven't checked out her story, click HERE)

The hat that I made for Briony (or B2 as she is otherwise known) did not fit. How disappointing. Well, it kinda fitted me, but I didn't realsie that he head is so much smaller than mine. I decided to make her another hat..

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I thought the triangular shaping of the top is rather cute:
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Unfortunately, I think it will also be too big! Ugh.. tahat oughta learn me.. gauge swatch indeed.. gee.. why would one need a gauge swatch? Guessing's just as good, no?

I decided to go back to plain old ribbing.. Hey at least it will adjust to fit!

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I don't know when I will see her next, but when I do, I know that I have a hat ready!

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