Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Nesting birds

Bird's nest scarf

Yes, that's right, it's a scarf, nto a shawl. I didn't feel likeknitting a whole shawl, and I didn't have the yarn for it anyway. Okay, I probably do, but that involves going through my yarn cupboard. I'm just too lazy. I had 3 skeins of Andean Silk handy, and I decided to use that instead. I think the colour is Holly berry, but I don't have the label handy so I can't check. the colour is awful in the picture. It's not such a brick red.. it's more like a plum red. It's a nice red, not an 'out there in your face' red, you know what I mean?

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I modified the Birds Nest shawl pattern from Folk Shawls. I really liked the shawl, and I am considering knitting it in some black wool I have lying around. However, I think that's a project for another day.

Baby hat for the Lenten Sockrifice

I decided not to knit socks - they take too long and I don't know anyone who'd appreciate them - apart from Chris, perhaps. Hmm, maybe I should knit him a pair so that he does nto get cold feet before the wedding. then again, if he needs them to keep fromgetting cold feet.. well, that's not really a good sign, eh?

I made a hat instead:
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Not for Chris, silly, for the Lenten Sockrifice. That was what we are talking about before I got distracted, wasn't it?

Summer top from Sandra

I geuss it's taken me a while to post a picture.. sorry. I just never got around to it. Here's a picture of the front (or back, i guess, since they are identical)

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I'll post another clearer picture when I have cleared some space in my living room. I am ashamed to say there's hardly any visible horizontal surface here at the moment.

We're moving!

That's right. the flat I told you about, well, we go in to sign the lease on the weekend. You know what else? It's 5 minutes' walk away from the yarn store where we meet once a fortnight. I don't think my wallet is going to cope!

I am finding it hard to get really excited about this move. I guess the flat is really nice inside as it has been renovated and it's really modern. However I can't get over the laundry situation. [sigh]

I have gotten so attached to where I am living now. It's comfortable.It's convenient. I don't have to walkoutside the building to get to the laundry!

I am sure I will get over it once I have moved in. Chris loves the place. I think he's quite excited about it. Well, at least one of us is.
Celia, you do absolutely beautiful work!

And I know what you are going through about the move. I have a laundry hang-up, too.

Good luck!
really lovely things you've made!
Such lovely colors!
I love the scarf pattern, and the color is just beautiful!!!
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