Sunday, February 26, 2006
Not quite a hat-trick

I have two FOs to share - both from this weekend.

This hat was knitted from a single skein of handspun merino/glitz mix. Glitz, for any uninitiated amongst us, is nylon, which is what gives the resulting yyarn a slight sparkle (which is not clear in the photo). The flower was knitted out of the end of the same skein which was actually plied with a strand of alpaca. I had some extra left on one bobbin you see, so I decided, what the heck, and plied it with an alpaca single froma nother bobbin. This hat will be given to a friend for her 27th birthday.

The second finished object is this:

I knit it out of a skein of handspun Optim Merino wool. It was chain plied (also known as Navajo plying) to keep the colours together and create the striping patterns that you see. This hat is for me :) I love the self-striping effect,a nd the pink is just so 'me' at the moment. If anything, this pink phase is getting stronger. It's showing no signs of waning any time soon. [sigh]

Cheese Adventures
We, as in Chris, my dad and I, were over at the Garretts for lunch today. It was a joint birthday celebration for two members of the family. We had for lunch some atlantic salmon cooked 'just right' on the bbq, some steaks, salads and miscellaneous relishes and sauces. MM.. yum. For dessert, Chris and I made fruit salad and we had an icecream birthday cake. MM.. more yummniness! But wait, there's more! (hmm, that sounds like a commercial)

A cheese platter was brought out, and teh cheeses included a King Island Stormy Washed Rind cheese. Oh, so beautiful, and so more-ish! We also had a brie and a Mersey valley aged cheddar, which were bothbeautiful as well, but the 'hero' on that platter was definitely the King Island Stormy. Oh wow!

Greek dancing
Is something which I believe you need to be brought up in, or not attempt. Chris and I attended a charity dinner for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Australia. It was fun - tehre were Greek traditional dancers and even a belly dancer. The company was lovely, as usual. It's always great to be able to catch upw ith a group of friends. the food, unfortunately, was not as 'Greek' as we expected. After all, it is meant to be a Greek event, organised by Greeks. Oh well.

Anyway, back to the Greek dancing. I love how the people were nto shy and after the meal, they just all got up and danced. From teenagers to grandfathers, they were all up and dancing. I thougth it was really cool. They all knew the steps and they all kneww hat to do, and looked liek the were havign a good time. There were very few non-Greeks who dared to venture onto the dance floor. I have to applaud them for their bravery and willingness to try, but it has also convinced me that dancing is one of those cultural things which are best left to the people who know how. (but then, i am particularly afraid of making a fool of myself on the dancefloor, so...)

There were raffle draws and auctions to raise more funds for MS Australia. Among the things being auctioned was a goat - yes a life goat. Apparently the butcher will slaughter and prepare the goat for Greek easter. Uhm, what if (just IF) i want to buy the goat and take him home alive? I was kidding about whether it may have been a mohair goat - suitable for spinning, perhaps? the two vegetarians next to me were more interested in whether the goat could be delivered 'un-killed'. Chris, unfortunately, was not interested in having roast goat, goat stew, goat curry, goat soup and all other manners of goat dishes for the next three months. Oh well, I tried..
what's the pattern for the hat with the flower? It's very cute!
I really love the hats, you did such an amazing job with them!
Oh yes, Greek dancing is certainly a very special thing - but believe me, it's possible to learn it even if you're not "born with it". Sometimes, when you are in Greece on vacation, the sun is setting, the food is great and the wine as well and there's a whole lot of nice and friendly and funny Greeks around, the ocean in front of you - then the dancing sometimes seems to come just naturally. Perhaps you can try it there one day!
ooo your hats are making me too anxious! Can't wait to receive the Grape Ade and Pink Optim wool from your Etsy store!
Ooh-- I'd love to know the name and source of the pattern for the hat with the flowers. I'm doing "chemo hats" for my mom, and I think it' SO cute!!
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