Tuesday, February 21, 2006
It's here! It's here!

Thank you to Michaele - who, I think does not have a blog.

This arrived all the wayfrom Salt lake City, Utah today. Woohoo! I love it - love the pinks in it. I don't know whenI turned into such a girly girl, but this whole pink thing is taking over my life! I have been buying pink things and dyeing pink yarn.. hmm.. maybe I am just a late bloomer, considering most girls go through the pink phase of their lives at the age of 6 or so.

It's a really soft slightly fuzzy yarn that looks like a single. It's very cool. If you look at it closely, you'll see the slight variations in the colours of the fibre and if you don't look so closely you see the fantastic colour gradations - like in the photo!

Thanks, Michaele!
she does have a blog. theknittyprofessor.typepad.com (i think). it's linked on my blog! i love the pattern!
I recognize that scarf!! It is a beauty!! I was jealous when she put a pic up on her blog of it!! Purty purty enjoy it! I know she liked making it!
Hi Celia! Glad to be able to reveal myself at last!!! I've been reading your blog for so long...

I'm really glad you like the pinks - I was a bit worried about that. I even went and checked out the weather for your area, cause I was worried itmight be too heavy - but I think there are some cold winter days this will come in handy!!!

The yarn is 55% wool, 45% microfiber. It should be handwashed and dried flat. Just in case you need the other care information: don't bleach it, use a cool iron (although that would take out the bumps from the ribbing), you can dryclean it as long as you don't use a solvent called "trichlorethylene", and don't tumble it dry.

It was really hard to part with the scarf - so I am very glad to hear that you like it!
Ooooooohhhhh!!!!! It's beautiful!!! What kind of yarn is that? Gorgeous, gorgeous! when you are "tired" of it (as if!) please send it to...
I made one of these for my DH in navy blue (solid) and twice as wide as the pattern is written. It came out great and he likes it, too.
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