Monday, February 13, 2006
Ene2, for the first time

I promised you a picture of Ene so here she is. I am up to chart 2 right now, and since I am determined to finish this shawl within 6 weeks, I am aiming to work about 5 or 6 rows a day. At the moment it's tough as I have still got over 300 stitches per row. Owie!!

I have found that placing stitchmarkers help. I only use 3 stitch markers - 1 at the left border, one at the right border and one to mark the center stitch. If I use markers aywhere between, the markers move, and that's not much help to me. After making the first Ene, I found that once I can read my own knitting it all becomes easy. I hardly even need the charts after that.

Here's another picture of Ene. It's a little clearer. I think I made a little booboo at the lower corner, btu I am hoping once again that it will nto be too noticeable. At least the diamonds don't look mis-shapened or anything.
Very, very pretty! 6 weeks, huh? You can do it!!!
pretty pretty!! you can do it!
she's beautiful, and i don't know what mistake you're talking about... i haven't touched mine in a few weeks. (sob)
Way to go! I am sure you can meet your deadline :)
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