Monday, January 30, 2006
It all feels so real now

Ok, I've been 'officially ' engaged for 5 weeks now. It's taken a while to sink in. We've got the date decided and the restaurant booked. It feels real. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it feels SO real! Chris and I are getting married - can you see the silly grin on my face?

Right, maybe it should have felt real when he put the ring on my finger, or when we went to get my dress designed and tailored or when we were deciding on wedding ring designs, but no, it's taken 5 weeks. In fact I am not sure it's totally sunk in yet, but it does feel real, and I'm excited.

The pastor at our church is still on leave, and we're waiting till he gets back to see whether he can marry us. He gets back later this week, and I'm waiting to talk to him.

We're considering photgraphers right now, and I am trying to find someone to do my hair and makeup. It's kinda scary trying to pick someone out based on the pictures on their website. With the photographer it's not so bad as we get to go view their work before deciding. But with the hair/make-up person, it's a little scary. I don't want to end up looking like Dame Edna!

Oh, and some time between now and April, I need to buy or make a veil. I would like a short one but it seems that nobody arund here sells anything shorter than elbow length. If I want a shoulder length one, I will have to make it. Anyone who knows me will know I am not much of a seamstress. I have bought some tulle to make a practice one. Wish me luck folks..

Oh, and in all that excitement, I nearly forgot - it's Chinese New Year. Gong Hei Fatt Choi, everyone! This is the last year for me to receive hong baos (little red envelopes with money in them) as I will have to start giving them next year when I am married. Darn! And to think I am not home to receive my last lot of hong bao! :)
Hey congrats again on your wedding :)
I just wanted to give you a little tip... One of my coworkers told us when she got married that you could try and save money on a lot of things for your wedding but do not, under any circumstance, save try and save money on the photographer... she said it is one of the most important parts. You want good quality photos that last a long time.

oh, we have been married for almost 4 years and we haven't really been giving out hongbao's (too poor). BUT my inlaws still insist on giving us hongbao's... and i have no idea why. this year, they gave us one, and it had 2 old quarters in it. i thought it was really silly, but we still received it anyways... haha =)
Did you eat any noodles for long life and good health?
Really? no one sells shorter than elbow length? if you see one that is sold in the USA, I would gladly ship it to you.
Congratulations to you and Chris!! (sorry for the late comment, I didn't realize you had started posting again...)

I agree with the previous post -- choose a professional photographer whose work you like, the pictures are one of the things that you will treasure later on. (DH and I eloped but we did hire a professional to take pictures at city hall and some casual shots on another day and we just love our wedding pictures)

oh, and happy new year to you!
Hi Cilia and Chris,

Many congratulation.
i am so please for you.

All the best for the wedding preparation and please let me know if there anything i could do.

Hey Celia, Congratulations!

Isn't it so deja vu when we were chatting about your cousin's wedding etc etc that day when you were in Singapore?

So happy for you! :)
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