Wednesday, December 21, 2005
The pictures as promised

Ene's Scarf

Scarf pal recipient, I know you don't know who you are, but if you are reading this, and you think it may be you, just play along with me, ok? I am making progress on your scarf. It's slow progress but I am getting there. I even have a backup plan in case I don't get this finished. As evidence of my progress, I present you with this:

Image hosted by

Ok, so that just looks like a lump of yarn. Let's try again:

Image hosted by

The rows get shorter as I move up the scarf. So it's starting to be less daunting, and you know what/ I think you may well get your 'Ene' after all!

Secret pal gifts

Here are the pictures (finally)

My SP6, Donni, thank you soo much! I am trying to work out whether to use it for my crochet hooks or DPNs.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

And from my KRSP3, I got this:

Image hosted by

I'd love to know who you are. Than you for all the lovely things you have given me. I can't wait to spin up some of that silk. I am thinking of blending some of it with some hand dyed merino to see how it will come out. Thank you!
I hope your pal is spoiling you as much as you are spoiling me!
love the ene scarf!!!
ene is gorgeous! the only thing preventing me from casting on is I don't have the yarn (well, I have the yarn, but I need to dye it).
Your ene is it difficult. I am a somewhat new knitter and would love to try it.
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