Thursday, December 01, 2005
I'm off to Singapore in 4 days...

On Sunday I will be leaving for Singapore. It took a while to work out whether I was staying there till January or coming back to Sydney on the 14th of December only to leave again on the 27th. It now looks like I will be back in Sydney for Christmas. I'm nto sure whether that is a good or bad thing. So many 7 hour flights in a month is bound to play havoc with my sleep cycle, but oh well.. c'est la vie

Scarf exchange news

I have worked out that I will use a baby alpaca laceweight yarn in a dark chocolate colour for my pal. Now, the problem is what pattern I should use.

I have the following options
1. Ene's scarf - Scarf Style
2. Possum lace scarf pattern from Cherry Tree Hill
3. Blizzard - Scarf Style
4. Branching Out in double width - Knitty
5. Mini Kiri Shawl
6. Seaweed and shells scarf -look at it here
7. Tiger Eye scarf
8. Flower basket shawl which is more like a scarf
9. some other pattern that I create

1, 6 and 9 are my favourite options right now. Am I too ambitious to think that I can finish one of these patterns by February? I don't want to disappoint my pal who is in the northern hemisphere and probably freezing right now, or will be soon.
I'd like to decide soon as I'd like to take it away with me to knit while I am away next week (working) as I expect to have some down time at night in the hotel.

Ene is a current favourite, mainly because it's a new pattern to me and I love a challenge. However the 375 stitch cast on is scary! What to do, what to do..

Etsy news

If you have been checking out my Etsy shop, you will see that I have been busy. I am still in the process of putting stuff up. It annoys me that Etsy does not allow me to comine shipping for my customers, unlike Ebay. However, I do like the longer sale period of six months that Etsy allows you to display your wares.

I put up for sale a skein of mill spun Optim tonight. It's also known as Silky wool because it has beautiful sheen and drape. I am so tempted to use it myself and I am hoping that someone will buy it before I decide to make something for me out of it. It came out so nicely that I think I will go get more of it to dye. I love that it's a larger skein too - 150g, which should be enough for a large scarf. Imagine that, only 2 ends to weave in!

I have another hat pattern (this one will be in three sizes) to put up, but I have not had time to do the lay out for the pattern yet. It's a spiral rib hat pattern and I think it's really cute. I just need to find the time to do it.

Hmm, so you're probably thinking, I should stop blogging and start working on those patterns. Maybe you're right...
Oh have a great trip and stay safe. Is Singapore home for you?
lucky you to be in singapore. i miss it! we hope to go back again next year to visit family again. have a good trip!
have an awesome trip... and ene's scarf! c'mon, you can do it! (that way, i can bug you for help when i get around to it!)
Have a wonderful time in Singapore. I'll think of you, in the heat!
So did you get your last little pressie?
I'll say...go for Ene!
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