Thursday, November 17, 2005
It is finished... Wooohooo!

Done, done, done!

That's right, I am talking about the silk camisole, or in this case, the ramie camisole. I wore it tonight and it's comfortable.
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That's it from the front, and now for a shot from the back

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So all up it took me a week from start to finish. That must be the shortest time I have ever taken to knit a garment. Right, okay, so it didn't have sleeves, but still, it was a lot of knitting. Round and round we went... it was boring, but there was light at the end of the tunnel.

I (mostly) enjoyed knitting it. This is what I didn't like about it :

1. That the decreases in the front is the same for all the sizes. I made the 40 inch size and it was one of the wider ones. This means more stitches, right? Right. So that meant that the decreases were going for a longer time and the triangles were taller than I thought they would be. They were taller than the picture showed in the book. It is still not bad, but I will do it differently next time, I think.

2. The picot edge cast off didn't work for me. I ended up doing the picot edge with a crochet hook. I first added a slips titch edging at the neckline, and then on the way back around, I added a picot edge. I have 8 'lumps' on each side of the neck line.

3. I didn't like the curling at the back so I added a slip stitch edging with a crochet hook. I also added the slip stitch edging under the arms.

From this project I have learnt a couple of things:

1. Read the whole pattern before starting. Had I not jumped in head first, I would have noticed the front decreases and would have modified them.

2. Crochet hooks are handy tools to have.

All in all, it worked out well, I think.

I spun goat!

At spinning class tonight we got to spin some kid mohair. Well, I also got to spin some old billy goat which was stringy and like, well, like string!

The kid mohair was pretty though. I saw the bright orange locks and though, "eeeew..". I didn't say it, I think, but my face probably gave me away. Once it was carded, it was a gorgeous puff of orange fluff. Really pretty! Okay, so it's not 'eeeew' anymore. By the end of the night, well... I present you with one very over-spun skein of kid mohair.

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I tried brushing it but it was too over-spun to be brushed, I think.

Scarf Exchange news

I ended up coming away with about 100g of mohair which I will card and spin softly, very very softly, for my scarf exchange pal. I hope it will be soft enough for her. I am aiming for no itch. I think I will see whether it passes Chris' 'no-itch' test before deciding. If this doesn't work, I will buy some merino/silk blend and spin that. That is definitely 'no-itch'.

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What do you think?

Oh, and did I mention that I am not deaf?

Chris has been complaining that I am deaf. (And no, before you ask, I'll tell you that I am NOT ignoring him!) I have also been having a sharp pain in my ear - not good, I know. So off I went, to the doctor, and he dent me off tothe radiologist for a CT scan, and a visit to the ENT specialist. Guess what? I got the all clear. The results of my hearing test even says that I have near perfect hearing. So there! I am NOT deaf.

Maybe I just have a selective hearing gene. You know, the one usually that afflicts males. ;)

KRSP gift

And, I leave you with this:

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It's a small bag that my KRSP can throw in the washer and full herself. It's a long way fom being done, so I had best get back to knitting.
Your camisole is pretty! I love the color.
Beautiful Camisole! It looks lovely on you!
well, what can i say? nice cami and smooth skin heeheh :)I love the cami ~
I don't want to hear about what I missed last night - MOHAIR?? i even had my own to bring along. I'm going with your deaf theory, I can't hear you speaking of mohair la la la. You better get your spinning fingers on, I know that Chris and his itching ways, it had want to be like a cloud for him to pronounce it 'no-itch'. look fabbo tho, can't wait to see it done.
Cute comfy cami! And that kid mohair is to die for! Not to mention the mohair for spinning.
Oh I love that cami! The color looks great on you.
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