Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Mostly over now...

Assignments nearly done
It's nearly all done now. Yay! One more presentation to go. That's the up side. Oh and the other good thing is that I am done with one whole subject and handed in the group assignment for the other (that's the one with the presentation next week).

The down side is that I am in a foul mood. We get to do peer group reviews for our group members. One particular person had not been contributing to the project and I felt compelled to give him a lower grade for participation. This will probably affect his grade. I have never done this before. I actually feel oddly relieved that I have done it. I also feel kinda bad that I don't feel bad for doing it. He didn't show up for most of the meetings and in the ones that he did attend, he was unprepared. He didn't hold up his end of the bargain and a lot of work was not done on time, or correctly. In fact we had not seen the complete set of slides 2 hours before the presentation. We ended up having to correct what he had prepared, and we didn't have time to prepare for the presentation. I guess I could go on and on and on and whine some more, but I won't. You know what? I am glad I sent my peer review report in. I am glad I dug up the email communication to back up my argument to the lecturer. I am glad I got it off my chest. Most of all, I am glad it is all over. With some luck, I would have passed and never have to do this again. With more luck, HE would have passed and I will never have to deal with him in class again (it's his last semester). It is finished.

Knitting news
Not much done on the knitting front. I have been plodding along slowly with the mohair scarf. I hope to get it long enough to consider it done soon. I do need to get it sent off if I am going to get it to the USA before Christmas/Hannukah.
Oh, I hate getting team members like that. But it's OVER! YAY!
Hmm, sounds like a right plonker! Well hopefully you'll never have to deal with him again. Well, until you next go into McDonalds and he's working the Drive through! *hides from the potential wrath of Maccas workers*
yay! cause you don't have to do all that again and it's almost all over? :) Yay!
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