Thursday, October 20, 2005
A Knopp?

A Knopp

That's right. that's what I made tonight at spinning class. No pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow. Yes, Sue, that's right, no photos YET. See, I don't ALWAYS manage to post on the same night as class, only sometimes. Okay, maybe most times, but not always...

Thank you for the compliments
Thank you to everyone who wrote nice things about my Branching Out Scarf. It has now found a new home. Tara, who is moving away is clearing out some books. I scored some books, enough to keep me reading for a little while - including a copy of All Things Bright and Beautiful . I remember reading that as a child, and loved it. Also really enjoyed the other ones in the series - All Things Wise and Wonderful and All Creatures Great and Small. Thank you Tara! And may you have a warm winter ahead with Branching Out.

Scarf Exchange
We're still signing people up. I think we're up to nearly 40 people now. Cynthia and I are getting nervous about managing that many participants. I thnk we're going to sign up new members till we hit 60 participants or November 10th, whichever comes first. So if you're interested, sign up here!

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