Thursday, September 29, 2005
A package, a package!


I came home to find a box at my door, and on it was a label that looked like this:
Image hosted by

Imagine my surprise and excitement!. I ripped it open to find this:

Image hosted by

Thank you Kristen!

I didn't know who was making my scarf since Cynthia was the one who organised the knitters for the Knit Only group. (thank you Cynthia!) This is what I said when I was doing the blog update: Kristen's scarf is competed too. I love the colour, Kristen!

My, am I happy or what! I love the scarf. Also, which little birdie told you that I loooove Werthers Originals, Kristen? THANK YOU! I love the dark chocolate too. I can't bear to eat it because the picture is so pretty. Sorry folks, no pictures as the picture doesn't show up in the photos.

Folks, if you want to see a close up picture of the scarf, look here.

Shredding my finger

This is what happens when you put a flicker and me together with some alpaca fleece:
Image hosted by

Can you see the holes in my fingers? I kept catching my finger ith the flicker. Once I put on the band-aid it was much better. It didn't matter if the flicker descended upon my poor little finger, it was protected!

I am spinning some white/cream alpaca, and I am trying to spin it finely. I am aiming for somewhere between lace and fingering weight. I am not sure it's sucessful. I have a feeling I am putting too much twist in. However, when I have less twist, it doesn't seem very sturdy. Oh well, we'll see. I have another 10 or 15g to spin before changing bobbins to spin the rest. Once I have done that I can ply and we'll see how good or bad it is.

Uni Assignment

Thank you Thelma and Joy for replying to my questions.
Those of you who were curious about my project, I guess I do owe you an explanation. It's for one of the subjects I am taking this semester - International marketing Management. We have to write a marketing plan for a salad-based fast food chain expanding their operations to Hong Kong. I was looking at competitor information. Anyway, tese are the answrs I have so far:

1. How much does a Big Mac cost? HKD12
2. How much does an average meal at a stall (dai pai dong) cost? How much would a drink cost? about HKD25. About HKD12 of that is for a drink (Isn't tat a very expensive drink??)
3. Are food courts common? If so, are they normally local food stalls or western food stalls like MacDonalds and KFC? Yes, they exist, and they serve up all manners of food!
4. Are there any salad fast food outlets in HK? If so, what are they?Doesn't look like they exist. Let me know if you know of one!
5. How much would you pay for a salad (like Caesar salad or Thai beef salad) from a fast food outlet?I was told about HKD20 but when I looked up some websites, it looked like the cost was closer to HKD40-HKD50. can someone clarify this for me, please? Pretty please?

I have more questions.. sorry folks, but I have no other contacts in HK!
1. If I were to open a salad based fast food kiosk style outlet in HK, what areas should I be looking at?
2. What are the main shopping areas in HK?
3. What is the main business area in HK?
4. If we charged HKD40 for a caesar salad, would you buy it? What if it was HKD50?
5. Is food delivery to offices common? Do office workers get lunches delivered to their offices?

Thank you!
so glad you like the scarf Kristen made for you! and all those goodies.. MMMMMMMMMMMMM.
Oh, that scarf is gorgeous. I can imagine the color in person is beautiful.

Your poor finger. I'm glad your makeshift flicker guard helped!
aahhh flickers are EVIL!!!!!
*NEVER* flick when you're in an absent-minded mood.
you should've seen my knuckles a few months ago, aahhh.
OUCH! nasty nasty. remind me to stay away from the flicker when it comes time for me to use it
Know nothing about flickers, know lot's about bandaids...if you need any advice. Why can't you set up a salad bar in 'Straya? Much easier to research the background...or is that why?
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