Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Want to help me with my assignment?

Hi folks. I need a little info about fast food in Hong Kong. Anyone out there able to help me out? Here's what I need to know
1. How much does a Big Mac cost? (in HKD is fine)
2. How much does an average meal at a stall (dai pai dong) cost? How much would a drink cost?
3. Are food courts common? If so, are they normally local food stalls or western food stals like MacDonalds and KFC?
4. Are there any salad fast food outlets in HK? If so, what are they?
5. How much would you pay for a salad (like Caesar salad or Thai beef salad) from a fast food outlet?

Thank you!
Everything in HKD:

Big Mac $12, though there's a rotating $8 menu, that sometimes includes double cheese burger or McChicken.

Meal at stall- not a lot of stalls left but cheap cafes with noodles and drink $25. Just the drink ~$12

Lots of food courts in malls, serving just about everything.

Not a lot of salad fast food. Usually cafes with small salad section but nothing devoted to salads.

Probably under $20 for a Caesar salad in said cafes.

Hope that helps! So what kind of research is this? :)
Here is some chatter on costs of food in HK...

the last one has food menu prices...
cant help you out with the prices as the last time i went to HK was when I was just 4 years old!! hehe!! just dropping that's all ^_^
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