Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Quick Scarf Exchange Update

Rox has received her scarf from "wonderful, talented, fabulous Judy" (Rox's words, not mine, though I can't say I disagree). It's a beautiful piece of art!

Amanda has completed her scarf and you can see a picture of it rolled up in a mug. Show us more, Amanda!

Michelle has knitted "Backyard leaves" for her buddy and has a picture of it on her blog.

Kristen's scarf is competed too. I love the colour, Kristen!

Jennifer has recived her scarf from Amy who really went all out with her package. Wow!

Colette also recieved her package from Fiona.It's very cute. It looks like it was finger-knitted or something? It's all loopy and arty. I love it.

Lee has completed her skinny Clapotis. If you go to her blog, go to the category "knitting projects"

Becky has received her scarf from Colette. It's a nice lacey one. Is this the only lace scraf so far? (I read so many blogs I get all mixed up and forget) Becky's scarf has also been recieve by Cynthia.

Tam has also finished her scarf and posted it. I can't eally tell frm the picture what it is like, but I am sure it's nice :).

Have I missed your update? Let me know if I have. I swear, next time I run this, I am setting up a scarf exchange blog so all of you can update the blog yoruself! I have realised I am not any good with keeping up with all your progress posts.

I do intend to start another scarf exchange. I am waiting for everyone from this scarf exchange to get their scarves before starting the next.

Now, regarding Scarf Exchange 2, I have these dates in mind
a) start mid November, end late January
b) start early January, end late February

Let me know which you prefer. Leave me a comment or email me.

Also I am thinking of extending this to includ other items (thank you, Cynthia, for the idea)
a) scarf only
b) scarf and hat
c) scarf and mittens
d) scarf and mittens/hat

Which works for you?

I am not officially taking names now. As I said, I'd like this round to end before the next begins. I am just gathering opinions, and I will post again when I am ready to take names.

scarf and mittens for me. i've got a big noggin that doesn't need emphasizing.
Oh, forgot to update you. I mailed mine out already and it's been received. Here's the recipient's post :)
I have also received my scarf from Krys, and I posted the pictures on my blog. You can find it here:
P.S. I like the idea of a scarf exchange that involves matching accessories...I'd be inclined to say scarf + hat, but that's just because I haven't tried mittens before! Will give it a whirl if mittens become the consensus, though. Thanks for hosting the exchange!
I'd favour the January start, because we knitters have enough to do over Christmas and the New Year :)

I'd also prefer a simple scarf exchange, like the first one.

Having said all this, given my recent failings as a knitted-item-sending-person (the socks were too small) I'm not sure you'd actually want me as part of the group! I'M CURSED!!!
I was going to say the second dates seeing as I'll be going off maternity leave and also looking for a different job around the end of November but if it's going to the end of January I should be good there. So really, either set of dates works for me.

I like just the scarf exchange since I never wear matching accesories and rarely wear a hat at all. Oh I don't know... maybe scarf and mittens. ;)
I love the idea of the exchange and was sorry I missed this one! Since you were looking for input, I like option A (longer knitting time!), with scarf alone (because I have only made 1 hat and no mittens LOL but if I knew with enough warning I would make a practice pair or two 1st!)
i only know how to knit scarf alone and nov sounds good!!
Actually, my scarf came from Rox... And I sent the scarf I was working on to Julie.

Anyways, I would love to do this again - It was fun! But, starting in January would be my vote. I have a TON of stuff to finish for Christmas already :(

Thanks, Celia, for organizing everyone and keeping us all updated! :)
I have mailed out mine once I have confirmed that Gracie has not moved. Hope she does not have long to wait. My pix is o my blog:

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