Friday, October 14, 2005
Lotsa piccies

Treat in a clam

Remember how I mentioned that my cousin had brought me a present from Hawaii? Well, if you don't it's okay. I'm going to tell you about it again.

This is what I first saw:

I thought, "What? she brought me a seafood in a tin?"
Image hosted by

Then I saw this:
Image hosted by

Aahh.. it makes sense now.

I finally got around to opening the tin today
Image hosted by

and went at it hammer and tongs.. and there it was, my reward.
Image hosted by

My cousin had also bought me a silver chain to go with it and a little silver pendant to put the pearl into. Isn't it pretty.
Image hosted by

Elann Peacock Plumes Bolero completed
That's right! I completed it today, sewed in the ends and steam blocked it.

I used the recommended needles and some mystery blue yarn I had lying around. After testing it with some bleach, I worked out that it was at least half wool (or animal fibre of some sort) and the remained was synthetic.

Image hosted by

It's not looking too bad from the back.
Image hosted by

From the front it looks a little short. I think I will make another, but a little about two or three inches longer. I will also lengthen the sleeves I think.

Spinning news
I promised you pictures and here they are. This is the merino glitz that I spun last night. I think it is pretty but nothing to shout about
Image hosted by

Want a closer view?
Image hosted by

And just in case you don't remember what it looked like before it was spun...
Image hosted by

I told you I had lots of piccies, didn't I?

Miscellaneous News
I still haven't made up my mind about which Fiddlesticks pattern I want. The shortlist isn't any shorter. They are all so pretty!

I have started "Branching Out" in some handspun alpaca and US7 Boye needles. So far so god. It's not a hard pattern, just difficult to memorise I think. I have done 5 or 6 repeats so far and it's looking good. Once it is blocked the pattern should open up a bit more.
I love the Elann Peacock Plumes Bolero. Very pretty. I bet your new pearl look extra gorgeous next to your new Bolero!

Happy Knitting!
your bolero looks very pretty! and that pearl present - very creative and thoughtful!!
Celia i love your silver chain and the cute clam uh i guess whats inside..ohh ur Bolero looks so cool and awesome..
How do they *know* there's a pearl in the oyster before it's opened? I think that's cool!

Love the bolero!
I love the bolero. I was just looking at the pattern at Elann the other day. It's great to see it made up and modeled.
The pearl factory is cool, a very unique gift.

that pearl necklace is gorgeous! Lucky girl u! and fiddlesticks too :) and i love how ur bolero turned out. 3/4 sleeves next? shld look great! I tell you, first thing first when I arrive there is to pick up spinning and dyeing!
I think it's awesome that your cousin bought you such an interesting gift!
that gift is AWESOME!! kudos to cousin. :) your bolero is beautiful. :)
your bolero is beautiful!

I like the pearl thing too - we had similar as prizes at our school fashion parade, but I didn't win one. :-(

My favourite fiddlesticks pattern is the peacock feathers shawl. What one do you like the most?
Your Bolero looks great. I saved that pattern to my computer and hopefully will get around to knitting it one day. The pearl is beautiful too. Love the way they packaged it.
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