Thursday, October 13, 2005
Some spinning done.

Tonight I had my first spinning class in about a month. Gosh! It was ood to see everyone again. Sue surprised me with a box of baby hats. Isn't she a gem? It's amazing. There must be at least 20 in there. I'll have to get off my rear end tomorrow and take it in to church for Brenda. [note self: take hats in to church]

I am trying hard to spin up my stash of fibre. So tonight I took some merino glitz in to class. After much mming and aahing, we all decided that it looked best spun thikckly and plied with itself. I spun half of it in class, and the other half when I got home. I plied most of it with itself and the last 10 metres or so with some cream alpaca that I had on a bobbin. It's looing better than I thought it would. No pictures yet, as it is so pale, it will probably need some natural sunlight to show off the colours.

Scarf Exchange
Okay.. looks like most peopls have received their scarves. I know a couple of you haven't and we're looking into that. If you haven't reveived your scarf and have not emailed us, please email us! The address is se-admin[at]hotmail[dot]com. If you don't tell us, we won't know!

It looks like most of you enjoyed the exchange. Yay!

Now, since that was so much fun, we're organising another. This time, a blog has been set up here. Email me from the link on that blog to get an invitation to join us. You will be able to post progress pictures and reports there. It's always nice to see what others are doing. Great inspiration.

I am thinking that this next one will go over the Christmas period. Maybe start mid November and end mid February. What do you think? I'd also like to split it to two separate exchanges (similar to the last one). One exchange will be the matching set exchange (you will knit a scarf and a hat or a scarf and a pair of mittens). The other will be just the plain old scarf exchange. When you email me to say you want to join, let me know which one catches your fancy. After that, you can answer the questionaire at the blog so that we can always refer back to the blog - no more lost emails! I haven't written out the questionaire yet. I will.. soon.

Okay, I have narrowed it down to Lily of the Valley Stole, Garden Shawl, Tina Shawl and Inky Dinky Spider Stole. Lacy Lattice Stole was removed from the list because I don't want to use mohair and I am not convinced it will be nice without the added fuzziness of the mohair halo. Lotus Blossum Shawl also did not make it into the short list because I realsied that it is not knitted using lace weight. That is not necessarily bad, but I do have lots of laceweight to use!
Hi Celia
I've done Lotus Blossom in Laceweight and it came out a good size - about 65 inches across.

Thanks for your handspun yarn samples - I can see I have a long way to go.:)

i think you can do any lacey shawl in laceweight, or a heavier weight than called for... a friend here in CO ( has knit the charlotte's web in everything from lace to bulky, it seems. and they all look spectactular and unique!!
Hi Celia,

I want to join the next scarf exchange and emailed you by your normal email because the scarf exchange email link isn't working ... but about the fiddlesticks pattern ... I recently went through the same dilemna as you ... and actually kind of settled on the garden shawl ... but it requires too much yarn (over 2000yds) which means it will take a long time to knit so I decided to go with the Shetland Garden faroese shawl from Sivia Harding Designs instead. Have you checked out her stuff, or the heirloom knitting designs?
Out of those I vote the lily of the valley stole!
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