Monday, October 03, 2005
A quickie

Long weekend
I had most of a long weekend. At this point in time, I hate work, I hate uni, I hate everything. I spent half of today and half of yesterday working, so what long weekend?!

It will all be better in a couple of weeks. I would have finished another two uni assignments by then (though not the major ones) and work should have slowed down some. Well, some.. not all. Be thankful for small mercies, right?

Salad Bars in 'Straya
To answer Bri's comment, we can't just study a salad outlet here in 'Straya as it's part of the assignment to study exporting a product or service to a foreign country. The company we are working with has salad-based fast food outlets in Australia and is looking at expanding to Hong Kong. This project is driving all of us nuts as we're not getting responses as quickly as we had hoped we would.

Ok, that's all I have time for tonight. More next time, and definitely more fiber-licious things and most definitely less whining. Promise!
oh dear, sorry to hear bout the tough time u r having now. Chin up! Things will look better in a while.
what're you studying at the uni?
hope everything brightens up for you soon, take care!
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