Saturday, November 26, 2005
Lesley, you rock!

Wondering who Lesley is? Look here! Lesley is my KR gift exchange elf. I wish I had held on to her package a bit longer now. She's sent me so much I feel like my package is really lame. I'd take a photo to show you if I could, but I can't find the camera! Ok, here's what I got
1. Scarf Style - wooooohoo!
2. 6 (yes, count that - 1,2,3,4,5,6!) sticks of lip balm - made by Lesley's own hands!
3. 3 bars of perfumed soap - also handmade by Lesley (did I mention she has a shop? - here!)
4. 3 skeins or maroon Andean silk from Knit Picks
5. 2 skeins of Shadow from Knit Picks in Oregon Coast colourway
6. some candy which I am trying to resist until I have take a photo
7. a Chibi - Lesley how did you know I needed one f those? (right now I keep my darning needles in a plastic bag, and they are always escaping)
8. some pimento allspice cookies which the quarantine folks confiscated (I swear, they confiscate te weirdest things! They are probably munching on them right now!)

Knitting news
Not much on the knitting front. I have been starting projects and not finishing them, as you can see on my side bar. I'll show you pictures when I find my camera [sigh]

Spinning news
I am spinning some alpaca for an exchange with Stephanie. It's baby alpaca and I am just flicking it before spinning it. It's coming out nicely. It's fine and soft. Mmm.. simply beautiful. It's definitely the nicest alpaca I have ever spun. Again, pictures when I find that darned camera!
I'm glad you liked it. I'm surprised the candy made it if the cookies didn't. Go figure. *laugh*
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