Thursday, December 08, 2005
Heat and humidity, what knitting??

Land of the Merlion

It's the beginning of my 4th morning in Singapore. I am still tired. For some strange reason, I am having trouble sleeping here. the first night was dreadful. I just could not get to sleep, and by 6am I was awake. I probably had only 3 or 4 hours' sleep. Monday night was no better. I woke up to the voices of noisy neighbours coming back to the hotel at 2:30am and 4am, and had difficulty getting back to sleep after each time. I slept like a baby on Tuesday night when I eventually fell asleep. last night was ok, but again I had nois neighbours. Just one more night, folks. One more night and I'll be sleeping in my on bed in KL. Phew! What a relief!

This is not one of the hotels where I normally stay in Singapore. I was slack and left the hotel reservations a little late (till 1 1/2 weeks before the trip, which really isn't that late, I thnk) and there was nothing at the other hotels on my company's 'approved hotel list'. [sigh] I had to settle. There are certainly more tourists in this hotel than the other ones where I normally stay. Maybe that's why I have noisy neighbours - they don't have to work the next day!

Yeah, I'm sure you [didn't] want to know about my lack of sleep.

Shopping at record speed

Aaaaanyway, in the sort time I have been here, my stash has grown by 10 skeins of yarn. I arrived in Singapore at about 1740 on Sunday. By 1900 hours I was at Chinatown, waiting for Emy so that we can visit a yarn store there. It was interesting. Not everything was cheap or nice, but I did walk away with 3 balls of self striping yarn (like Noro Kureyon but much softer), 4 balls of varegated pink yarn and 3 massive skeins of pink cotton. When I say massive, I do mean massive. The 3 skeins give me enough yardage to make a summer top with sleeves in my size! Piccies later folks. I have not whipped out my camera since getting here!

I meant to take a photo together wit Emy, but nope, I forgot. Oh well. Maybe tonight, if I see her.

Ene's Scarf

Gosh, it's slow-going. I am up to the 8th row or so. There's nothing to see yet. I'll take a picture soon. Right now, even stretched out, it just looks like a mesh of yarn with large holes. The baby alpaca yarn is a dream to work with. I am already making plans for the 200 or so metres that I will have left at the end of this project. It will make a nice little neck scarf for me I think.

I am not sure I will get 1/2 of it done by Christmas as I had hoped. I am still persevering for now but I am already thinking of other things that I can make for my scarf pal instead - just in case, you know. Did I mention that I have given myself till Christmas to complete half of it so that I know that I can finish by mid January? Well, I have and that's the dealine I am working towards. Send me good knitting thoughts, ok. "No frogging, no frogging, no frogging, no..."


I could not knit on the plane, so I took a crochet hook with me. I started Blizzard (from Scarf Style) using some blue Brown Sheep Naturespun sent to me by Cynthia. It's quick. I have used up about half a ball so far. My crocheting skill aren't great but that's not frightfully noticeable in this project. I am really enjoying it, but I'm not toching it while on dry land. I am saving it for the time I am in the air, when I can't have needles with me!


I have had the chance to hunt down some local food over the past few days. On my fist night here, Emy took me to a local eating joint that's famous for their fish soup. Mmmmm... yum! We (well, SHE) ordered 4 dishes - four! - and there were only the two of us. Did we demolish most f it? Of course. there was hardly anythng left by the end of the meal. i don't know how Emy stays so slim! She did as much eating as I did (or at least I'd like to think that, as the thought of having eaten most of four dishes on my own is quite scary, and I am SURE it is NOT true!). Emy must have slim genes or something.. :)

I am having dinner with my Sigaporean team tonight, and we're going to a Peranakan restaurant. I am SO looking forward to it. I have eough 'western' food in Sydney and wehn I come to this part of the world I am always looking for local food. I am really pleased that they have chosen a local restaurant.

Tomorrow, we're having a team celebratory lunch at allegedly the largest buffet in Singapore. It's located at one of the hotels in town (which did not have a room to offer me - can you tel I am still sore?). I'll tell you if the spread is really as amazing as it's been made out to be - after tomorrow.
Hehe...but eating is the next most fun thing to knitting and crochet :)
Celia, your Ene scarf is just breathtaking. I can't believe you are taking on such a complex and incredibly time consuming pattern for your scarf pal. I have loved this pattern but never had the courage to try it. I will be waiting with baited breath to see the finished scarf picture on your blog! I've only seen the one in Scarf Style, so seeing yours in yummy brown will be a real delight.

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday!
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