Sunday, February 05, 2006
Don't call me Osama!

What I forgot to mention in my earlier entry about the trip to Singapore/Malaysia was that I managed to get all my scissors, needles, blocking pins and some dpns confiscated at the Sydney airport. See, this is what happened. I had placed my bag of knitting notions in the front pocket of my carry-on luggage thinking I'd move them into Chris'check-in luggage when I got to his house. Guess who forgot.. uh huh.. So anyway, fast forward a few hours and at the airport, we were stopped by a security officer. "Maám" he said, "Do you realise that you have three pairs of scissors in your bag?". Well, duh, of course I did not realise it. if I had remembered, they would not be in there, now, would they? So he opened up my bag, and extracted the scissors. While he was at it, he saw fit to take away my blocking pins, darning needles, 2.5mm dpns, and some crochet hooks. I had another crochet hook in my handbag, which didn't seem to bother him, and I wasn't about to ask why he was confiscating one and not the other, lest he should suddenly decide that he should take away the other too!

Chris shook his head and muttered something under his breath. What? What was that? "Come on, Osama, let's get out of here". So there you go, that's the story of how I lost a whole lot of stuff at the airport, and was nicknamed Osama.

Right, so now that I am back in Sydney, and without any scissors apart from kitchen shears, I decided to go out and buy myself a pair of scissors so that I can stop using my nailclipper to cut yarn. Last week I went to Ikea at lunchtime, and bought a set of 3 pairs of scissors. Hey, 3 pairs for $3, BARGAIN! Can I find them? No, of course not! They are in the house somewhere, but well hidden!

Until I find the scissors, I am not able to start working on my veil. We went veil shoping on the weekend and did find a suitable one but the shop wanted $95 for it. Ouch! For crying out loud, it'sjust a bit of tulle on a comb! My determination to make my veil is now stronger than ever. I am sure I can make one for less than half that price!

Wedding update
It's nearly all done. I have finally decided on who is going to be doing my make up and hair on the day. I decided to go with someone I knew to be ok, so I have engaged the lady who put up my hair for Briony's wedding. She recommended a few other ladies for make up and one of them sounded nice so I engaged her too. The make up and hair trials will be on 1st April. Oooh how exciting! I should have the veil ready by then, though. Time to get working on that veil!

We went photographer shopping on Saturday and I think we have decided on one. He seemed pretty good. We both like his work. Chris probably likes it more than I do, but he's also pickier about photos. I think that as long as they are not bad, I'm probably not going to complain too much. Besides, as far as photographers go, I have seen some shockers, and this guy's work is nothing like that! I won't name names and embarass the various parties concerned, but let's just say that some of the 'glamour' photos that people have on their wedding album are so fake and so 'un-glam'. Ick! I hope that ours won't be that way. But you know what? I think that even if they were leaning that way, we probably won't see it as they'll probably be special because they're our wedding photos. After a while, the good memories will remain and even if our car got stuck in the mud on the day or something similar, we'll probably laugh it off and remember the day as being special. It will all be good.. :)

Wedding presents. Hmm.. That's a toughie. I feel so weird telling people what to buy for us. It's as if we're putting our hands out and expecting them to be filled with whatever goodies we request. It's just such a foreign concept to me. This is especially hard when we don't know how much people want to spend, and really, the wedding is not about getting gifts. if people would just show up and have a good time with us, we'll be more than happy. However, I guess I also have to understand that people do seem to want to give us something. Chris and I have been trying to work out what to ask for - Is that too small? Is that too expensive? Ugh! The guest list is so small we can't really have a gift registry. It would just look strange, I think, to have a long list of things they can choose from and in the end only about 5 or so items get chosen.

New pattern
I bought some tussah silk top on Thursday night and spun and plied it. It's now all knitted up into a bag. It needs to be lined. I haven't got the right fabric for it. However, I don't think it is suitable for using at the wedding, as I had first hoped. I'll just wash and try to block it tonight and see how we go. Pictures in the next post. I will probably submit the pattern to Yarn or somewhere.. or maybe sell it on Etsy. I am curious to see how popular it is (or isn't).
You have been a busy, busy girl, haven't you? Sounds like it will all go smoothly--and you'll have fun!
So sorry about your bag of goodies getting taken away. Maybe the security person's girlfriend crochets and she needed that size.
Don't sweat the gift thing--its what is done and it makes guests more uncomfortable if they don't have something to choose from.
it's ok to have a registry - lots of places actually give you a discount on the unpurchased gifts on your list, so sometimes it's to your advantage to have a list, whether people buy from them or not! =) also, i was told that when you do a registry, don't feel bad for putting small and large items on your list (give a variety of items for people to choose from). and of course, gift certificates or money gifts are always accepted, right?? =) =)

good luck with all the planning! =) a knitter, you could set up a yarn registry right?

Just let Chris know that you would knit something from the gifted yarns so he'll agree. :)
(A little late :))
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