Tuesday, February 07, 2006
You may call me C-R-A-Z-Y

That's right.. I have started another Ene scarf. Yes, you may call me crazy. I am making this one out of KnitPicks Shadow. It's not as lush as the Misti Alpaca, but it's soft enough and the subtle colours knit up nicely. It's not worth taking pictures of it yet.. it's still not looking like anything much. I hope to have completed Charts 1 and 2 by the weekend. Maybe you'll catch a glimpse then.

The veil
I have made a test version of the veil. It looks ok. The fabric is a little stiff so I'll have to go get some proper bridal tulle for it. It's easy enough to make and once I have made the 'proper' one, I will consider embellishingit with tiny seed beads or some similar bits.

Thank you to everyone who left congratulatory messages in my comments and mailbox. I could not reply to all of you since the email addresses always appear as "no-comment@blogger.com". yeah, not very helpful. I think I would be able to get away with a yarn registry or a fibre registry if Chris knitted, crocheted or spun, but he does none of that unfortunately. Well, that and the fact that I need yarn/fibre like I need hole in the head. I'll need to destash soon - before I move to wherever Chris and I will be living together. I am fairly sure wherever that new place will be, it will not have space for me to devote most of an entire cupboard to just yarn!
Of course you could always add a few yarn storage units to your wedding gift registry list. ;)

Congratulations on your engagement! :) Your engagement ring looks stunning, and I can't wait to see it in real life.
oh, but i *do* think you could get away with it. You know Chris wants you to be happy, and what else (besides him) makes you happy? Fiber.
another ene!! i've been wanting to cast on for that project... but i can't because i'm limiting myself only to 3 WIPs and i'm already at my capacity. =(

i think it's great you are doing your own veil. veils are SUCH a ripoff! a little ribbon edging and boom! they raise the price by $50. ridiculous!

anyhow, good luck with the planning! can't wait to hear more about it! =)

p.s. my email is on my blog sidebar =)
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