Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Happy Valentine's Day!

So, what did you do to mark the occasion?

Chris and I didn't do anything much. We went to a local Chinese place for some pot stickers, salt and pepper squid and garlic prawns. Mmm... yum. We decided not to do anything fancy as prices at restaurants are normally inflated beyond belief on this day every year.

On the way home, we dropped by at aa grocery store and bought me some ice cream. I feel so cheated! I was tricked by the label - it said 'young coconut' on the lid, and it tasted like old coconut. When I cmplained to him, Chris laughed at me. Hrrmmpph!

Devon, and not the edible sort
I have been working on this at Chris' as I decided that I should leave something to work on there. After a few months, this is all I have to show:

All tangled up
Wanna know what happened to Ene? Oh, I'll tell you anyway. This:

is what happened!

I was knitting away and knitting away when suddenly the ball of yarn spat at me. No, it threw up. Ugh, yarn vomit!

So I started to try to wind it back.. and it would have none of it

We fought for a while and I won!
ugh... yarn vomit!! sorting through and rewinding always is a pain. glad you got it under control and won! ;) as for valentine's day, it is only 10am (tues) here so far. planning on going out to a fancy vietnamese/thai restaurant tonight and paying over-inflated prices for a several course meal just for an excuse to dress up and get romantic =P
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