Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Thank you Debbie!

Look what I found at my my pigeonhole at work today! Debbie (who doesn't have a blog) has been my AKSP. Thank you, Debbie, you've been truly wonderful! So mny goodies, and all for me! Debbie even individuallywrapped each item in white tissuewith shiny bits on it. So pretty.

I didn't buy myself a knittingcalendar this year thinking I'll see whether it gets any cheaper after the new year. I promptly forgot to check the shops after the trip to Malaysia. Just as well too, since Debbie sent me one! I have already started going through it to see what yummy patterns there are. It says that they are all new patterns.. woohoo! That means there's some 300 or so patterns for me to explore.

I love the card, Debbie. It's so pretty. Thank you!

In case you can't make it out, Debbie has also sent me some dark chocolate (Chris, if you are lucky, there may be some left for you on the weekend), some green tea flavoured mints with lemongrass (how interesting, I love the scent of lemongrass), some organic fruit bears, a tin of Burt's Bees hand salve (wonderful! for my poor dry hands in winter), Reed's ginger candy (oh, more yumminess!) and a box of organic spiced tea. Oh thank you so very very much!


Ene has grown

Thank you scarf pal, for letting me know the scarf is on the way. I am eagerly waiting for it. Just in time for the cooler nights too. Thank you. I'll post when I have received it.

I am going back to helping Ene grow some more.
Hiya... what yarn are you using for your Ene? And what needlesize? I've made Ene a little while ago and it has become sooooo holey that I can only use it rolled up as a scarf. And even then I keep getting stuck and pulling out stitches.

Cheers Eva (sweetpea at sweet-p dot net)
wow ene is looking great!
that gift is awesome!
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