Thursday, February 23, 2006
Ene 2 is completed..

and soon she'll be off to the fair.
Presenting Ms Ene..

That is a picture of her blocking on my bed - she's almost as wide as my bed is long! I think she's quite pretty, though not as delicate as Ene1 was. She also doesn't feel as soft and smooth as Ene1, but then, Ene1 was knitted from Misti Alpaca laceweight and Ene2 from KnitPicks Shadow. There really is no comparison.

I used 4mm 80cm Addi turbo needles. The yarn slid along nicely. I did start off using some bamboo needles, but I had to fight it tooth and nail to shove those teeny weeny stitches along the needle. I finally gave in and bought a pair of Addi Turbos from Rubi and Lana (their website is not working yet) a couple of Saturdays ago. So, all in all, Ene2 took me 2 1/2 weeks to knit! Woohoo!

Wanna hear a secret? I made a lot of mistakes on Ene2. I had to fudge the stitches a lot - not that you can really tell, right? Tell me you can't spot the booboos, please!

Ene2 will be off to the Castlehill Show soon. I have to fill in the form and send that off next week. Will I manage to get another few things in? Hmm... a scarf perhaps? Or a handspun skein?

Another Knitalong...

Well, two actually. If you look at the sidebar, you'll see that I have joined the lace shawl KAL as well as one called "what's your skein?". The latter is a KAL for knitting things from just one skein. I have so many single skeins lying around, I thought that would be the perfect KAL for me - maybe I'll get enthused about knitting up all those odds and ends. Here's hoping..

Uni starts again soon

Someone asked me today, "How can you do so many things and still find time to eat and sleep?" I realised that I need to keep busy. I feel a lot happier, or should I say less unhappy (?), when I am busy. Yes, sure, knitting and spinning gives me time to focus my thoughts and sometimes it makes me think a lot more, but they are mostly happy thoughts. If I were to sit and just watch television or listen to the radio, my thoughts are a lot darker. I wonder why. Maybe knitting and spinning is like chocolate - you think? There is something about working with my hands that makes me feel all contented and mushy inside. Am I just weird, or is this some advanced form of Knitter's Syndrome or soemthing?

In any case, I'm not looking forward to uni this year. I think I've had quite enough and I'll be glad to be done at the end of thisyear. Well, I'll be mostly done, as I wills till have to write my thesis at the end of all this. I think this is as much studying as I am going to be doing for the rest of my life. That's it! I've had enough!

Other knitting news

I am making good progress on the summer top from Sandra (March 05 edition). I'm about halfway up the front. I still have the rest fo teh front, the back and a couple of short sleeves to knit. It's all done in rib with a little lace at the bottom, so it's really really boring. What was I thinking when I chose this? Oh, no, wait, Chris chose it.. hmm..

I also have a friend's birthday party to go to next week and I'm considering knitting a hat for the brithday girl. i know she wears hats, and scarves, and gloves. Yes, if you can't tell, she REALLY feels the cold! I have some handspun merino/glitz somewhere. I think it will make a nice hat for her. It's blue, I think, and that's VERY her.

Oh so many things to do.. I still haven't worked out what else I am making for the Castleill show. Should I just leave it as one entry? Or should I try to submit a few more? Suggestions, anyone?
Ene looks just gorgeous! I know what you mean about being busy- I'm happier that way too and knitting has been great because now when I watch TV I have something to do and don't feel like I'm wasting time. ;)
Ene2 is perfect just the way she is. Just beautiful.
Aww ... thanks for the info. It looks great!
wow, ene #2 is gorgeous!! great job! =)
wow! you're quick!
Just gorgeous!
*gasp* that's gorgeous. no sign of booboos from here! ;)
Ene #2 in that short time?! You should just take a break if your fingers are tired!

If not, go knit another project! :)
Beautiful Ene, Celia! Love that scarf Michaele made, too. Do you have silk hankies for sale yet? I just bought some off eBay ... and we just checked the book Funny Babbit from the library, or I wouldn't have caught your title from before. :) Take care!
You are being very productive - Ene looks great! Aren't Addis the best?
Re the Castlehill show I'd say put as much as you can in - it makes their display look good and it increases your chances of an award.
That looks so gorgeous, and yes, Addis rock!
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