Saturday, March 04, 2006
I'd post more often if I had more to say...

I just realised that it's been a week since my last post. Hmm.. I'll start losing all you readers soon if I keep this up, I think - not that I have a readership of millions or anything. Heck, it's probably not even in the hundreds!

Uni has begun
I was expecting to have to go in twice a week, but as it turns out, one of the subjects does not have lectures. I'm not complaining - much. I am feeling a little cheated. I don't understand why I am paying the school full fees for this subject when I have to teach myself. All we have to do is submit a theory paper - which is a study of the literature written about whatever marketing strategy we choose to write about - and a case study. There are 4 scheduled classes in the semester -none of which are teaching classes. Hmm.. it's certainly not a bludge, since it's going to be a sizeable paper and the case study isn't going to be easy either, especially since we have no idea what the lecturer is expecting.

I just wish it was my Thursday class that has no schedule classtimes, since spinning classes are on Thursdays and there is no way I can make it to spinning classes this semester. BOOOO! HISS!!!

I have been knitting socks. Well just the one. I have completed it now, but no pictures yet. I used a self patterning yarn from Lana Grossa. It's one of the ones with cotton in it. I'm not sure I like it as much as I like the wool ones. It does not have as much 'give' and the resulting socks are stiffer.

I knitted the socks out of a 100g ball, and I have 42g left. I am thinking that maybe I should use that to knit another pair and just use another yarn for the heels and toes, just to be sure I have enough, you know.

House hunting and getting ready to be his 'old ball and chain'
We're looking - not to buy, just to rent. It's been fairly depressing. most of the flats and townhouses we have visited have been pretty awful - old, dirty, icky.. UGH!

We did view one that looked ok, though. It was small, though, and it didn't have an internal laundry,a nd the parking spaces were next door. Aside from all that, itw as a pretty unit. It was described as 'penthouse style living' and I can see why they would call it that. It's been stylishly renovated. I'm still not sure that's where I want to live, though, even temporarily.

I'm sorry tehre are no pcitures this week. It's been a little nuts here - with my dad being here earlier this week, and uni starting and all that.

Lenten Sockrifice
I forgot to mention that I signed up for the Lenten Sockrifice here. The deal is that during the 40 days of Lent, I must not buy any yarn (well, one planned purchase is allowed) and I must make something for charity. I intend to make more little bears for the hospital, or maybe little hats. I haven't been doing any charity knitting lately. I feel kinda bad, you know, that I haven't done any 'giving back' lately.

I am also going to be knitting a shrug for mum. It's based loosely on the OSW. I am going to knit it in Kid Silk Haze in the lightest colour I could find, which is a very pale silvery grey. I am planning to add a lace panel to the back and sleeves. the sleeves will also be lengthened to about 3/4 length, reaching just below her elbows. I sent her a sample of teh yarna nd asked her to wear it in her bra to make sure she doesn't itch or anything. Just waiting for that confirmation, and then I can start. Woohoo!

Apart from that I guess I don't really have anything else to report.. no spinning done, and hardly any knitting. Oh, I did do some dyeing. Pictures soon.
Oh how wrong you can be LOL... I read your blog through Bloglines and there it says that you have 150 subscribers :) Compared to my own 6 (or was it 4?) I think you're doing pretty well :)
What a rip off about that class... you have to pay and there's no lectures (or whatever it is called in Uni lingo). I would ask the University why you're paying all that money!
Do you have the Gathering of Lace book? They have a couple of lacey shrugs in there that would look gorgeous in KSH.

cheers, Eva
renting is no fun (not that being responsible for your own upkeep is any better). i hope you find something better on your next trip out!
or you could make footlets out of the socks so that the cuff isn't as tall?

good luck with Uni.. i'm suffering right there with you!
As someone who works at a uni, I want to know what a 'non-teaching' class is! What do they provide you - readings, some kind of learning guide, anything?
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